If you’ve just embarked on an exercise routine, walking is a good way to pace yourself. The trick is to let go of the evening stroll and work up to a more athletic gait and pace.

To burn calories up to 200 calories, experts say you should walk about 2 km in 30 minutes. But if you haven’t been walking regularly, don’t expect to hit that speed right out of the gate. Start slow, and use these power walk techniques to work up to this speed.

  • Wear good shoes:  Prevent aching feet and shins by wearing walking shoes that are light, roomy and flexible.
  • Set the right pace: Measure the distance that you will walk daily, and then time yourself. For the next few days, find a pace that will help you burn the requisite number of calories. Use the benchmark we’ve mentioned above to determine how you’re doing. It should take you 3 weeks to work your way up to optimal speed.
  • Take little steps: Long strides are less efficient and more tiring than quick heel-ball-toe steps
  • Hold your head high: Raise your chin up and look about 10 feet ahead of you for the right walking posture.
  • Swing your fists: Instead of letting your arms hang loosely by your sides, bend your elbows 90 degrees, close your hands in relaxed fists and swing them in an arc from your waist to your chest, keeping them close to your body. This will help you walk faster, keep your fingers from swelling and build upper-body strength.

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Written by Saravanan Hariram

Saravanan Hariram

“If you make a career out of your passion, you won’t have to work another day.” That’s a belief Saravanan “Sharu” Hariram has held, and since bodybuilding have always been deep interests, it is no surprise he chose to make fitness his profession.
A champion bodybuilder, Sharu realized early on that he loves teaching and helping others achieve their health and fitness goals. That’s what makes him an ideal partner for HealthifyMe. Apart from American College on Exercise (ACE) certification, he has also been endorsed as a nutrition and fitness trainer by Fitness One India and DSW Fitness (USA).
Sharu’s goal is to stay fit at any age, and he believes that everyone else should aim for the same. Make small changes to your diet, and exercise, and give it 21 days to become a habit, he says. To lead a healthy life, he believes your mind must have control over your body and not the other way around. So think healthy, and stay fit.

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