What is with the Danish lifestyle and happiness? The recently released World Happiness Report 2016 Update placed Denmark on top of a list of 156 countries ranked by happiness levels. The rankings, which covered the years from 2013 to 2015, revealed an average score of 5.1. But Denmark stood out with an average of 7.52.

But let’s hear it from someone who’s witnessed it first-hand.

British journalist Helen Russell moved to Demark when her husband was offered his dream job out of the blue, working for Lego in rural Denmark.

Since then, she is a convert to the Danish lifestyle and has authored The Year of Living Danishly – Uncovering the Secrets of the World’s Happiest Country, in which she has explained why the Nords keep nailing it.

Even if you don’t read the book, try her five tips on how to live a more Danish life:

  1. Trust more

    This is the number one reason the Danes are so happy – so try it. You’ll feel better, save yourself unnecessary stress, and trusting the people around you makes them behave better – so trust becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.Trust more

  2. Get hygge 

    Remember the simple pleasures in life: light a candle, make yourself a cup of coffee, eat some pastries. Be kind to yourself. And each other (Jerry Springer style).

  3. Leave work on time 

    Unless you’re Hillary Clinton (are you? *waves*) nothing terrible will happen if you actually go home on time. See family; take up a hobby: just clock off and get out.Leave work on time

  4. Use your body, outdoors 

    Danes cycle, run, swim and shake whatever they’ve got all year around, come rain or sleet. Using your body not only releases get-happy endorphins, doing it outside reduces stress and boosts wellbeing.

  5. Make your home beautiful 

    Danes do, and it engenders a respect for design, art, and their everyday surroundings. Turns out a pretty home is a good step towards a happy home.Make your home beautiful

Don’t forget to add happy foods to your diet; you’re now all set to live Danish whichever part of the world you are in!

Courtesy: http://www.stylist.co.uk/

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