5 things to put on your fitness bucket list

Shaik Moyeenuddin

July 9, 2019

You’re active, healthy and fit, and constantly looking for newer challenges. Give your fitness routine an edge by trying physical activities that are sure to thrill and excite you.

On International Women’s Day, we suggest you put these five thrilling things on your fitness bucket list.

Run the Bandra-Worli Sea Link

So what if you couldn’t even train for the half-marathon this year? If running is what keeps your inner fitness freak going, set yourself a doable challenge this Woman’s Day. Running across the 5.6-km Bandra-Worli Sea Link, the cable-stayed bridge that’s changed the Mumbai cityscape and shortened commutes drastically. Running at a speed of 10 km per hour can lead to a calorie burn of 240 in 30 minutes. If you’re up for a bigger challenge, go from Bandra to Worli and back again. Just make sure you’re outfitted with proper running shoes.women's day

Go white water rafting in Rishikesh

Hit the river for some wet and wild exercise that’s sure to charge you up. Propelling and maneuver a raft with a paddle through varying grades of rapids amps up strength and endurance levels for all eight rafters. And did you know that you can burn over 300 calories per hour while you’re working out the arms, core, and abs? Put doing this with your BFFs on your fitness bucket list; it will be more fun that way.

Women's day

Do a sun salutation atop a mountain

Kareena Kapoor may do 25 every day but we’ve all done a few Surya Namaskar in the quest to get fitter. Make yourself and this sequence of 12 yoga poses that flow into each other with rhythmic breathing work harder by heading up a small mountain during your next getaway. Salute the sun as it kisses the sky awake. There can be no better way to start the day!

women's day

Ride a horse in Ladakh

The frozen river trek may not be possible right now but why don’t you go horseback riding in the beautiful rugged landscape of Ladakh? Paved roads are rare in the Zanskar Valley and horse riding provides an adventurous alternative to those who don’t want to straddle a motorcycle. Ride along the beautiful plateau, Changthang, and aim for the gorgeous Pangong Lake. You can even explore the Zongkhul, Stongdey and Gelugpa monasteries.

Women's day

Hike to Tung Nath

Give the summer vacation a twist by making it a hiking trip. Put Tungnath, the highest Shiva temple in the world and one of the five and the highest Panch Kedar temples, on your list. The 1,000-year-old temple, located in Rudraprayag district, has a rich history and is linked to the Pandavas. An extremely popular trekking destination, Tungnath is at the top of the ridge that divides the waters of the Mandakini River (from Kedarnath) fromthose of the Alaknanda River (from Badrinath). Begin the 4-km starts from Chopta (9,600 feet), which is 63 km from Rudraprayag. The moderately steep trek takes you to an altitude of over 12,000 feet and can be completed in about 4-6 hours, depending on fitness levels.shutterstock_204546412 (Copy)

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Shaik Moyeenuddin (or Moin, as he is known to those around him) completed his MBA from Bangalore University before choosing to change the path his career would take. He became a Certified Personal Trainer from ACE, specializing in Weight Management, and Strength and Conditioning. Moin has been a regular contributor to more than 15 different fitness magazines in his 6 years in the field. Having joined a bunch of like-minded individuals at HealthifyMe, he currently serves as Principal Fitness Trainer at the company. "Eat healthy and don’t tie yourself to targets, enjoy your workout instead," he says to anyone looking to improve their fitness levels.

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