5 exercises to tone your triceps and show off sexy arms

Dileep B. Shivaram

August 10, 2023

Have you ever shied away from wearing a sleeveless or cocktail dress because you can’t dare to bare your bulging arms? No more! These five simple exercises to tone your triceps will let you wave your hellos in a sleeveless top. That arm jiggle? It will be a thing of the past. As will the armpit fat!

The exercises should be performed for two to three sets, depending on your fitness level and weights used. Let’s get started!

Triceps Kickback

Perform this in various ways using a pair of dumbbells or resistance band, on each side by placing the opposite palm and knee on a weight bench. Alternatively, you can exercise both hands simultaneously in standing or seated positions.

Do it

Ensure that your torso is parallel to the ground, back is firm and neck is relaxed for standing or bench pose. Use a light pair of dumbbells or resistance band pressed under the feet. Bend the elbows to a 90-degree angle to assume starting position. Now, straighten the arm behind the back and pause there, extending it out by moving only the forearms. Bring the hand back in starting position for another rep.

Reps 15

Triceps Extension

This workout should be performed standing straight. Keep the back and core engaged while keeping the shoulders pressed down.

Do it

Hold a single dumbbell with both hands overhead to assume starting position. Keep the hand straight without locking the elbows. Now bend the elbows, allowing the weight to lower back slowly. Get the hands back into starting position for the next rep. Keep the elbows close to the head and pointed to the front.

Reps 20

One-Arm Triceps Press

This workout uses the body weight to provide a workout to the triceps. You need to lie down on your left side, legs stacked and knees slightly bent.

Do it

Place the left arm on the right shoulder and right palm on the floor to assume starting position. Press the right arm into the floor to lift the torso till the right arm is straight to work the triceps. Repeat the exercises on the right side to finish one set.

Reps 12-15


A classic bodyweight exercise, dips can be performed using a bench, chair, or a ledge.

Do it

Place the hands shoulder-width apart on each side of the hips, fingers pointing towards the end of the chair. Move ahead a bit so the butt is suspended over the floor and is supported by hands and feet. Begin the rep by bending the elbows back, lowering yourself towards the ground. Stop when elbows are at 90 degrees and go back to the starting position.

Reps 12-15

Diamond Push-Ups

Push-ups can provide a workout to the triceps if you place the hands close to each other, touching the thumb and index fingers to form a diamond.

Do it

Engage the core by keeping the feet hip-width apart and modify by bringing the knees down on the floor.The elbow should be pointed back and close to the sides.Lower the body to the ground slowly till the torso touches the floor and push back up to complete a rep.

Reps 10-12

When performed regularly, these workouts will help you flaunt strong and shapely arms.

About the Author

Having completed his Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering, fitness was not always Dileep’s choice of career. However, the decision to follow his passions saw him complete his Certification in Personal Training in 2013. One of the highlights of his six-year-long career, Dileep says, is providing physical training to applicants to the defence forces of the nation. Currently serving as Sr. Fitness Trainer at HealthifyMe, Dileep has made it his life’s goal to oversee as many fitness transformations as he possibly can.

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