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5 Best Transformation Stories – HealthifyMe

Misbah Fathima

March 17, 2021

Many of us decided on fitness goals as our New Year’s resolution, but how many of us have stuck to it? Nevertheless, it’s still not too late to jump back on the wagon and reach the fitness goal set for yourself. The main reasons you should do it is to make yourself happy and healthy. If you don’t believe that it’s possible, take a look at our compilation of people who won the fight against extra kilos!

We at HealthifyMe are always inspired by the transformation stories of people who managed to overcome all difficulties on the path leading to their dreams.

#1 Kartik Rao

Kartik Rao

An athlete in the past, Kartik Rao’s life took a turn when he moved back to India after completing his education in Australia to start his professional career. The mental distress caused because of the cultural realignment pushed Kartik into adopting an unhealthy lifestyle of eating junk food. And in a span of 12 years, he had gained 27 kgs. Over time, Kartik started to lose his self-confidence and disliked the way he looked. 

He would often reminisce about his past as an athlete and would feel depressed. As a result of leading an unhealthy lifestyle and the constant stress, Kartik had started to suffer from acidity and would fall prey to the seasonal flu every few months. Also, his resting heart rate was above 100 beats per minute, which was a major cause of concern.

During an inter-office cricket match, Kartik struggled to bowl even a single over despite being a big fan of the sport. His co-workers teased him about his physical state and later when Kartik saw himself in a few video clips of the same match, he realized he needed to change his unhealthy lifestyle and lose the extra weight. 

Kartik came across HealthifyMe on Google Playstore. “HealthifyMe was a highly rated app on Playstore, for people seeking a lifestyle change.”

Kartik lost 26 kgs over a period of 7 months and felt like he is 19 again! He says, “The transformation has been holistic at an emotional, spiritual and physical level.” adding, “I am a lot more confident about myself with a lot more self-love & self-respect. This has enabled me to make better decisions at my workplace and at a personal level.” 

Kartik believes that if you are healthy, the world is your oyster!

#2 Diksha Singh

Diksha Singh

Health and fitness go hand in hand. Diksha realized this after participating in a cross-country run and suffered from severe knee pain. The extra weight had started to affect her joints at a very young age. 

Diksha Singh started to gain weight during her college days. This was heavily due to the unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle she had slipped into. She often resorted to eating junk food and did not have enough time to workout. But, by the end of her education, she had slowly started to incorporate exercise into her daily routine, but something was amiss because her weight seemed to bounce back up. She was unable to maintain the weight she lost. 

One of Diksha’s friends introduced her to the HealthifyMe app, and she signed up with Sanjeev as her fitness coach and Anisha as her diet coach. Though doubtful at first and wanting to give up in the first 2 weeks, Diksha continued with her fitness journey with the support of her mother, fiance, and the HealthifyMe coaches. 

Diksha managed to lose 20 kgs in just 6 months! “I had a visible inch loss, and I loved how toned my legs had become!” She adds, “My flexibility and my stamina had a major improvement as well.”

Diksha is now motivated to maintain the lost weight and follow a healthy lifestyle. 

#3 Lakshmi Rao

Lakshmi Rao

Lakshmi Rao was diagnosed with hypertension & diabetes 25 years ago. But she did not let it dominate her life and managed it by including physical activity in her daily routine. But over the years her lifestyle had become sedentary. She started to feel rundown and depressed, which resulted in weight gain. Her illness required her to take insulin twice a day, which also contributed to her obesity. It was in 2020 when her granddaughter made her promise that the next time she came back to Australia she will have to be fit to be able to play with her. This motivated Lakshmi to make her health and fitness her priority.

Lakshmi had seen a few HealthifyMe transformation stories on social media and decided to embark on a transformation journey of her own by downloading the app. She lost 10 kgs in a span of 10 months, which helped in reducing her insulin intake and bringing her sugar levels to an appreciatable range! 

“My granddaughter was very happy to see my transformation, even though we’ve only met virtually,” says an excited Lakshmi. She is determined to lose more weight before she has to meet her granddaughter in person!  

#4 Vidya Shenoy

Vidya Shenoy

Vidya Shenoy is a mother of two daughters living in Udupi, Karnataka. She was a regular at Zumba and yoga. But, neither of them helped her attain her goal weight.

She was a Bharatnatyam dancer for 10 years. One of the several reasons for her to let go of dancing was her preparation for board exams. Her pregnancy also added to the weight gain and pushed her to the plumper side. While looking for options on a food diet, she stumbled upon a video of HealthifyMe on Facebook and downloaded the app. HealthifyMe app notification, “Want to get a healthy snacking option?” pushed her to subscribe to it.  

Vidya was 86kgs when she started her weight loss journey and today she is between 62 to 63kgs!.

Her diet coach, Ms.Ruchi would explain vidya about food science which enabled Divya to modify her diet. Her fitness coach, Ms.Rajshree, helped Divya experiment with workouts to increase flexibility. The constant guidance and support provided by the HealthifyMe coaches helped Divya to stick to her fitness goal and not give up! 

HealthifyMe helped me utilize my time to stay fit during the pandemic. A controlled diet and exercise have become her daily habits now.

#5 Jayanth


The shift in the timings of his job caused Jayanth’s eating habits to change. Despite working out regularly, his unhealthy eating habits led to weight gain. He would often binge eat junk food at odd hours of the night, and the extra kilos led to reduced workout performance. It made Jayanth uncomfortable, and he noticed that certain exercises that he could do with ease in the past had become difficult. 

Jayanth did not want to shift jobs but was also done feeling uncomfortable. He did not want to look back at the past and regret for not doing anything to change his unhealthy lifestyle. 

After doing a lot of research, Jayanth came across HealthifyMe on the internet. He was in a need of guidance for tracking his workout and diet plans systematically. He found HealthifyMe’s Smart Plan to be a perfect fit! 

Through the Smart Plan Jayanth was able to track what he ate, exercise in the comfort of his home, and learned how to overcome his cravings for sugary treats and swap them with something healthy. 

Jayanth lost 20 kgs without losing muscle mass. He says, “I feel more confident now. My mindset about fitness has changed from losing weight to maintaining the lost weight to wanting to learn new skills!”

Inspiring transformations such as these help us stay motivated and strive to reach our goals.

If you think you have fallen off the fitness wagon, jump right back on with HealthifyMe!

Disclaimer: All the above-mentioned people were able to achieve their weight loss goals through customized diet and workout plans. Results may vary for you.

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