Staying committed to a fitness routine needs constant inspiration and motivation. Most of us want to make sweating a part of our routine but find it tough to stay motivated to exercise.

We got four HealthifyMe experts to crack the code of how you can compel yourself to stick to your health and fitness routine. Try these exercise tips to ensure that you stay committed to your exercise plan through 2016.

Sreemanth Desai, Fitness expert

sreemanthWhen the world says, “Give up”, Hope whispers, “Try it one more time.” Perseverance is the key to success. There are bound to be times when you don’t feel like working out or just stop working out because you no longer see results. But there is always light at the end of the tunnel for the people who never give up. Instead of giving up, analyse why you are not getting results. Take the help of experts and keep moving towards your goal.

Alpa Momaya, Nutritionist

AlpaGetting fit and healthy is not something that happens on its own. It cannot happen in a day. It requires learning to eat well, exercise regularly and relax as well. Making these changes take time and commitment but you can do it. Just remember that no one is perfect. You will have occasional lapses and lag. When you eat a huge piece of cake, binge on mithai or skip the gym, don’t give up. Minor missteps on the road to your goals are normal and okay. Resolve to recover and get back on track. That is the key to success.

Pragya Bhatt, Yoga instructorpragya

Download a picture of a super fit celebrity who you admire and save it as your screen saver.  This way, every time you look at your phone you will mentally reinforce your resolution to yourself.

Saravanan Hariram, Fitness trainer

I won’t go with just one point for I believe that staying motivated through the year takes effort and will. Here’s what I suggest you do on a regular basis:

  • Start small. Do not choose a big goal.Sarvanan
  • Exercise whenever, wherever, and however possible.
  • Aim for a little better instead of perfect.
  • Get support from family and friends.
  • Find accountability with someone to whom you should report to.
  • Show up every day and show up again the next day.
  • Plan for things that may go wrong.
  • Take inspiration from others.
  • And last but not the least, pair up with the right-minded people who want to achieve the same goal.

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Written by Roshini Gilbert

Roshini Gilbert

After a diligent workout plan helped her lose 30kg of post-pregnancy weight, chartered accountant Roshini Gilbert was inspired enough to go from tallying numbers to training others. A freelance personal trainer today, Roshini has been certified by the American Council on Exercises (ACE) for functional fitness and specialises in post-natal weight loss, exercises for low back pain, arthritis and osteoporosis. She also has REHAB Trainer certification from Australia for rehabilitative exercises and has trained with reputed sports physiotherapist Ulrik Larsen in corrective exercises and injury management. In HealthifyMe, Roshini has found a collaborator with a common cause – making people fit to live life to the fullest. Her assessment of how fit you are is based on three broad guidelines — stamina, body age (a person who looks way older than his age can’t be deemed healthy) and lifestyle (beware, those with bad eating habits and sedentary behaviour). Prepare yourself mentally first and then your body will follow, she says, of the opinion that if you want to change something about yourself then you need to challenge yourself to do it. Are you up for it?

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