Summer’s here, and you are itching to show some skin. Get ready to go sleeveless and show off shorts by losing weight. Experts say these summer foods will hasten weight loss.



This refreshing fruit is mostly water – about 92 percent of it! But it is packed with nutrients, including vitamins A, B6 and C, lycopene, antioxidants and amino acids. It keeps you hydrated and satiated!

Try Watermelon Salad with Feta and Olives


Why? The term pear-shaped seems to be the only thing that’s not right about this fruit. Pears pack in a good amount of pectin, which is known to promote weight loss. The juicy fruit also has 30 percent more potassium than apples and boosts energy.

Try Poached Pears with Red Wine Sauce



USDA research has shown that this juicy melon is one of the most filling fruits you can eat. Consuming half a cup can squash hunger pangs for two hours. It’s also super-rich in vitamin A, which is known to block the buildup of plaque in the arteries.

Try Grilled Cantaloupe with Herbs

ICED GREEN TEAiced green tea


Summer’s not when you want to sip on a hot beverage. But give that cold coffee or sugared iced tea the go-by and settle for an iced green tea. The catechins have weight-loss benefits while the caffeine and antioxidants may boost your metabolism.

Try Iced Green Tea with Mint

CHILLED SOUPSchilled soups


Give the soup a summery twist by blending a low-cal chilled soup. It helps you keep your cool and the high content of fibre keeps you feeling fuller for long. Experiment with summer favourites such as watermelon, tomato, cantaloupe, cucumber and herbs for unusual flavours.

Try Spicy Watermelon Gazpacho



The humble beetroot is not universally liked but is packed with nitrate and folate. Its high fibre content keeps you full for hours. It also contains betaine, a micronutrient that turns off the genes responsible for belly fat and insulin resistance.

Try Boiled Beetroot Salad with Spring Onion

RED PEPPERSred chillies


The green variety is more easily available but red peppers score much higher when it comes to vitamin C – one of them has three times the amount that orange packs in. These antioxidants help fight obesity-causing inflammation.

Try Roasted Red Pepper Soupcherry tomatoes



These babies are over 90 percent water, meaning they are extremely low in calories. The antioxidant lycopene gives your skin a healthy glow.

Try Feta and Cucumber Salad with Cherry Tomatoes



This salad staple is packed with riboflavin, a B vitamin that’s needed for the production of red blood cells and to convert carbohydrates to energy. You burn your calories faster.

Try Pasta Salad with Red Peppers, Zucchini, and Corn



Packed with good bacteria, a cup of yogurt can be your go-to snack in summer. Loaded with calcium, protein and vitamins, yogurt is also good for you during the hot summer months. Research suggests that probiotics may help protect against weight gain.

Try Beetroot and Cucumber Raita

So go ahead! Eat, drink, and watch yourself shrink!

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Written by Ritu Puri

Ritu Puri

A fruit a day keeps the stress away, says Ritu Puri who has a simple philosophy about good living – a healthy diet equals a happy life.
Puri, who battled weight issues, acne and other feminine health issues as an adolescent, managed to overcome these problems through changes in diet and lifestyle. Her success prompted her to pursue the subject professionally, leading her to a BSc in Home Science followed by an MSc in Food and Nutrition from Lady Irwin College, Delhi University. A training programme with All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS), a year at Fortis Hospital and work experience with the Nutrition Foundation of India (NFI), the dietician hopes to one day cure or control serious diseases and disorders with a healthy diet.
Like HealthifyMe, her goal is to keep her clients fit and healthy, and to get started on that path, she recommends choosing natural foods over processed ones. Healthy living is when a person is mentally, socially and physically fit, she says. So reach out to Ritu if you’re looking for wholesome makeover.

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