10 reasons that make curd a summer superfood

Sumita Thomas

September 18, 2019

In India, curd equals comfort food. It’s cooling, soothing, nutritious and light – just what the doctor ordered for a scorching Indian summer. No wonder it’s one of the top 10 summer foods that can help you drop kilos.

Six ounces of curd – approximately ¾ cup – provides your body with 100-150 calories, 2g of saturated fat, 3.5g of fat, 20g of sugar and about 8-10g of protein. It also provides your body with about 20 percent of your daily vitamin D portion with 20 percent of your daily calcium value.

Clearly, curd brings many kinds of benefits. We list down 10 of them for you.

  1. It improves digestionimproves digestion with curd

One of many curd benefits is that it helps improve your digestion, which is mainly due to the nutrients available in the curd. Eating curd will make it easier for your body to absorb nutrients from other food items that you eat. Some studies have also confirmed that consuming curd may help cure many stomach infections, including H. Pylori infection.

  1. It boosts immunity

The presence of good bacteria – also known as probiotics – in curd can strengthen your immune system and ensure that you enjoy better health. Eating it daily has also been linked to fewer vaginal infections.

  1. It improves your cardiovascular healthimproves your cardiovascular health with curd

Consuming curd daily will reduce risks of coronary heart diseases because it discourages the formation of cholesterol in your arterial region. It also means eating yogurt will prevent hypertension and promote better cardiovascular health.

  1. It strengthens bones and teeth

Like other dairy products, curd contains calcium, which plays a huge role in strengthening your bones and teeth. It also contains phosphorous that combines with calcium to promote bone growth. Eating curd regularly will help prevent diseases like arthritis and osteoporosis.

  1. It releases anxiety and stressreleases anxiety and stress with curd

It is hard not to feel stressed in today’s highly competitive world, but being depressed can have negative effects on your health. Add curd to your diet and you will feel less anxious and stressed. Curd can lower levels of activity in your brain that’s directly related to pain and emotion. Curd – especially flavored yogurt – also works as a great mood-lifter.

  1. It can help you lose weight

The presence of calcium can prevent the formation of cortisol in your body. An imbalance of cortisol can lead to issues like obesity and hypertension. Aim to eat at least 18 ounces of curd daily to shed some belly fat.

  1. It is a great substitute for milkcurd is a great substitute for milk

One of many benefits of curd is that those who don’t want to drink milk can eat curd to enjoy similar benefits. This works well for people who find it hard to digest milk. In fact, it boosts the digestive system and makes them feel better. You can also switch to curd if you’re lactose intolerant.

  1. It improves your sexual health

Some studies have shown that consuming yogurt may help people who have certain sexual health problems such as sexual impotence, low libido, etc.

  1. It improves your skinimprove your skin tone with curd

Instead of trying other chemical-rich beauty products, rely on curd to enhance your beauty and get glowing skin. Curd contains several minerals like vitamin E, zinc and phosphorous, all of which play a role in improving your complexion and skin texture. A pack of gram flour, curd, and lemon will give you soft glowing skin.

  1. It can even eliminate dandruff

Have you already tried a number of hair care products to get rid of dandruff and failed? It’s time to try curd! Dandruff is basically a fungal infection, and curd – due to the availability of lactic acid – has anti-fungal properties. Apply some curd to your scalp and leave it on for an hour or so. Wash it off with water to eliminate dandruff.

Eating curd regularly can also improve the absorption of vitamins and minerals from other foods in your body. Isn’t it time you added a bit more to your plate?

About the Author

For Sumita Thomas, good nutrition advice is less about what NOT to eat and all about HOW to eat. Armed with a master’s degree in clinical nutrition and dietetics from IGNOU, Sumita has worked with multi-specialty clinics and corporate clients, planning calorie-specific menus for their cafeterias. She’s also a certified diabetes educator, has worked in cardiac nutrition and is even a TUV-certified internal auditor for food safety management systems. Maybe that’s why she ensures her advice is always scientifically sound, which makes her a perfect fit for us at HealthifyMe. Of the belief that a healthy lifestyle can be achieved with the combination of a healthy mind, body and diet, Sumita recommends setting realistic goals – one health target a day – and gradually incorporating healthy ingredients to your daily diet. Does she practice what she preaches? For sure, and ensures all those around her do too. So get set, because that now includes you!

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  1. Curd is the most tasty, healthy and nutritious food which have live active microorganisms, healthy bacteria that keep the gut and intestinal tract free of disease. It also a good source of calcium and Vitamin D (fortified) that may stimulate the immune system to fight against diseases.

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