10 easy ways to boost your fitness levels

Saravanan "Sharu" Hariram

August 10, 2023

Too busy to hit the gym? Don’t fret! Here are some nifty ways to get fit without making drastic changes to your daily routine.

  • Stretch in the morning

    A few minutes of stretching early morning improves posture, reduces aches and pains, increases blood circulation, and keeps you active and energised throughout the day.

  • Walk your dog  

Taking your dog for a walk gives you more than eight hours of exercise a week, according to a study by the UK-based pet care company Bob Martin.  

  • Eat healthily

Giving up processed foods and including more fruits, vegetables, eggs, lean meat, dairy products, and whole grains in your diet cuts down the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, and cancer.

  • Take the stairs

The number of calories burnt while climbing stairs is only exceeded by strenuous activities like sprinting and lugging heavy weights.

  • Deskercise

Need to send a message to a colleague? Walk over to him/her instead of using the intercom. Need to read a report? Do it standing up. Try not to chain yourself to the desk for all time you spend in the office. And find time to do some exercises or yoga poses at your desk. Avoid long hours of sitting, as sitting is the new smoking!

  • Fidgeting is good

Your high school teacher may have detested the habit, but fidgeting is good for you from a health perspective. Studies have found that people who fidget at their desks reduce damage to their health caused by sitting for prolonged periods of time.  

  • Run errands

Need to go to the bank or the local market? Leave the car behind. Make your steps count while doing your errands—it will help you save on fuel costs as well as raise your fitness levels.

  • Meet a friend over a game

Instead of meeting a friend at a coffee shop, schedule a meeting on the golf course or the local tennis club. It will make the encounter fun while allowing you to pack in some much-needed physical activity.  

  • Play with children

Playing with your kids not only allows you to spend quality time with them but also burns calories.  

  • Sleep well

Getting a good night’s sleep helps you deal better with stress, improves memory, stimulates creativity, helps maintain a healthy weight and keeps depression at bay.  

So get started and re-resolve to lose your weight. Kick things off by taking these re-resolutions.

About the Author

Saravanan “Sharu” Hariram is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer with a passion for bodybuilding. Combining his love for fitness with his career, Sharu did his certification in Sports Nutrition, and Rehabilitation and Healing Nutrition. Currently a Master Trainer with HealthifyMe, he specializes in Weight Management, Marathon Training, and Physical Rehabilitation. In his 20+ years of experience, Sharu has always maintained that one’s mind must have control over their body in order to lead a healthy life. At HealthifyMe, he continues to follow his passion while helping those around him realise their fitness goals.

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25 responses to “10 easy ways to boost your fitness levels”

  1. I want diet plan for lose 24 kg body weight in 4 month how much take break fast lunch dinner cup of tea cal.per day
    Along with simple work out having knee and lower back problems .

  2. I want diet plan for 1000 to 1200 cal.per day
    Along with simple work out having knee and lower back problems .

  3. Thanks for answering my questions but still I want whether I am taking proper diet daily.Iam doing yoga in morning

  4. Thank you for your wonderful tips and your for reminder mess of drinking water is very helpful to my health before healthy fy I didn’t drink water properly thanks for all the food tracking and all I love the app

  5. Hi, I am following healthify for the last one year, and I am getting very good result . I am really very happy , thanks everybody for helping me.

  6. They say eat what your elders ate and now eating rice is to be avoided,but down south we enjoy our food with rice and accompaniments.its ok to follow diet but i am not able to leave it alltogether the joy of eating rice,please help.

    • Hi Kumar, We are so grateful for your kind words. Thanks for sharing your feedback with us. Keep following our blogs.

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