5 Zumba Instructional Workout Videos to get you started


August 3, 2023

Do you love grooving to pulsating beats, over lifting weights at the gym? Then Zumba is apt for you!

Tried out by 12 million people across 125 countries, this Latin-American fitness programme has taken over the world. A typical Zumba class ranges between 60-90 minutes, and comprises of alternating fast and slow rhythms that help burn fat and tone your body.

Keen on joining the Zumba revolution? Put on your dancing shoes and begin with these instructional workout videos:

1. Back to Basics

Learn the basics of this intensive Latin-American dance form with Keren Zumba! This 7 minutes video covers the fundamentals of Zumba and helps you get your groove on.

2. Get into the Zumba habit

If Max Pizzolante had one bit of advice to give, he would tell you to “shut up and dance”. His 5-minute video is peppy, energetic and will want you to make Zumba a part of your life.

3. Tone your upper body

Want to tone that arm jiggle? This 10-minute toning routine by Zumba trainer Laura Micklich is simple and can be done by even those who have two left feet. Pick up your toning sticks or dumbbells to get started.

4. Tone your lower body

This three-minute instructional video that’s heavy on squats, lunges, and hops, is a fun way to tone your lower body. It’s short, but big on movement. Make it a part of your Zumba routine!

5. Shake those hips

Work your glutes and tone your tush with this Zumba-inspired dance workout. The song may be slow but the moves are not, and you’re sure to see results soon!

Dancing your way to fitness with Zumba is one way to go! For comprehensive and personalised solutions, get started with HealthifyMe.

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