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Weight loss at home – Rashi Kathuria’s transformation story


September 15, 2020

One the most challenging tasks for someone who has been above their ideal weight all their life is to start losing those extra kilos. Rashi, an online entrepreneur and homemaker from New Delhi, has been struggling with extra weight for a long time. She always faced a number of challenges, starting with fitting into clothes she loved, menstrual pains and quick exhaustion which took a toll on her self-confidence. Her friends and relatives often referred to her through her appearance, which she knew had to change.

Rashi’s weight loss journey at home!

Her weight loss journey began in March 2017 when she realized that one of the main culprits behind her pain and struggles which often exhausted her, was her weight. She lost 17 kg in 5 months while struggling with PCOD. It was then, that she decided to change her lifestyle; not for anyone else, but for herself and more importantly, her health.

Identifying weight loss guide

She tried various weight loss techniques including diets which were not aligned with her eating habits and body composition. As she actively searched on Google Play for health and fitness apps, she was recommended HealthifyMe which has great reviews and high ratings.
Initially, she was skeptical about having a dietitian for herself, as she believed it would mean limiting and changing her eating habits. She started by using the calorie tracker feature which gave her calorie intake insights and also tried various weight-loss techniques which were not effective. Finally, she decided to opt for HealthifyMe Premium; wherein she received personalized advice and plans from certified nutritionists and fitness trainers. Her coaches, or confidants as she likes to call them, constantly motivated her and guided her through this 5-month journey where she lost 17 kilos.

The perfect diet for your body and your taste buds!

Senior Nutritionist, Anusha was Rashi’s diet coach. She planned Rashi’s meals according to her BMI levels, eating habits, dietary-group and food preferences. According to Rashi, “It has been a very good journey with Anusha. She understands me very well and often refers to me as her ‘gem’. I religiously followed all the diet plans she made for me.”
In Rashi’s words, “The best part is that Anusha never put me on a diet that I was unable to handle. It was easy to follow as there were no dietary restrictions. Now even when I eat out, I know the best options for me, thanks to Anusha.”

Workouts at home!

Rashi’s fitness coach, Dr. Ankita Sinojia understood Rashi’s affinity towards working out at home. According to Rashi, “As I could not go to the gym, Ankita suggested exercises which I could do at home. I was never forced me to join a gym and all the exercises given to me were easy to perform”. As she embarked on her weight loss journey, her frequent menstrual pains reduced significantly.

“I am very happy with the results”

Today, Rashi is not only happy about fitting into clothes that she loves but also she feels highly confident in them. In her own words, “I am very happy with the results! I have been able to reach my weight loss goal, but the journey isn’t over yet!”. Her advice to fellow individuals, in her own words is “If I could do it, I believe anybody can. All you need is dedication and the right kind of guidance.” Her journey is inspiration personified for those who are struggling to meet their weight-loss goals.

Disclaimer: Rashi followed a personalized diet and fitness plan to aid her weight loss at home. Results may vary for you.

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