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Top 10 Transformation Stories of 2020

Misbah Fathima

March 4, 2021

2020 has been a rollercoaster ride and one of the many challenges of the pandemic was the sudden change in daily routines – we began working from home, parks and gyms closed down which put a stop to exercise routines. Stress levels rose for most of us which resulted in us baking, eating and drinking the stress away. 

Despite all the difficulties, there have been few individuals who have used the change in routine to eat better and exercise more!

Here are such inspiring transformation stories that talk of struggle and victory during a very unexpectedly difficult time. Let’s learn, get inspired, and persevere! 

#1 Abharani


It is frustrating when dreams are almost in our grasp and one small thing stops us from achieving them. Abharani’s dream was to join the Indian Airforce. But she realized that with her weight gain and lack of exercise, clearing the entrance exam will prove to be challenging. Around the same time, she came across HealthifyMe and subscribed to the premium plan.

Over a period of just 2 months, she lost 10 kgs along with strength building and managed to achieve her primary aim to qualify within the weight limit for the  IAF medical test! She is thankful to her HealthifyMe coaches who were always reachable.

“Diet played a major role in weight loss because I am a foodie and I can’t easily restrain from food, says Abharani. Workout and exercise have been part of her routine for a long time but diet was the change that made a difference to her lifestyle.

#2 Abdul Quadir

Abdul Quadir

Being diagnosed with diabetes and cholesterol worked as a wake-up call for Abdul Quadir which led him to decide that it was high time to start taking his health and fitness seriously. Taking inspiration from his friend, who lost significant weight through HealthifyMe, he decided to try it out as well.

With the help of HealthifyMe fitness coach and nutritionist, who made sure that the diet and exercises were not too difficult for him to follow, Abdul Quadir was able to achieve this feat of losing 12 kgs in 5 months! He learned to take proper care of his health & also motivated his family and friends to do the same.

#3 Bhargav


Getting bullied at school because of being overweight is a sad reality that we haven’t fixed yet. Bhargav was mocked by his classmates and called names because of his weight. While looking for inspiration to fight back, he stumbled across a HealthifyMe Transformation Story video on YouTube and decided to try the app.

He lost 36 kilos in 8 months. His t-Shirt size shrank from 3XL to somewhere between S and M! After joining HealthifyMe one significant change that he felt was the sense of activeness. Before HealthifyMe, Bhargav would feel tired all time but now he feels that he has a sense of activeness throughout the day which makes him more confident and efficient!

“I feel much more confident after achieving my goal, I feel good when I see myself in the mirror or when I go to buy clothes for myself”, says a happy Bhargav. Specific exercise regimen, variety in the diet plan, and calorie tracking system worked really well in his transformation.

#4 Charchika Goyal

Charchika Goyal

Most of us spend our lifetime searching for our passion and only a few succeed. Charchika Goyal found her passion in the process of getting healthy. Like most of us, her work schedule didn’t allow her to follow a routine to lose weight & stay healthy. She started to look for ways to lose weight and was recommended by a friend to try HealthifyMe. After following through the Smart Plan provided by HealthifyMe, she achieved her goal of losing 11kgs in only 5 months!

During her transformation journey, she studied about health & nutrition and also completed her diploma in nutrition. She is now a certified nutritionist who has found her passion and love for nutrition!

“If you seriously want to lose weight, prepare your MIND first, if your mind is in your control then your tastebuds will not annoy you through the journey,” says a very passionate Charchika Goyal. She suggests everyone to change their lifestyle in a healthy way and points out that weight loss is a byproduct of a healthy lifestyle.

#5 Dipali Sikand

Dipali Sikand

Dipali Sikand is a myth buster! She shattered the myth that menopausal women can’t lose weight – she lost 54kg in just 1 year. She thanks her fitness coach, her son, her daughter, and the small changes in her lifestyle that have helped her achieve her goal. She lauds the clean interface and easy to use features of HealthifyMe.

“I have been receiving some very interesting reactions!” says a delighted Dipali Sikand. Through her fitness journey, she has learned that calories do count and that tracking helps in every way.

#6 Gnanesh


Who doesn’t love football? But having an ACL tear surgery left Gnanesh completely dormant and unable to play a game of football – which led to weight gain. But then he came across a video testimonial on Facebook for the HealthifyMe Smart Plan and decided to give it a shot!

He spectacularly lost 16.5 kgs in just 4 months! He loves the calorie tracking feature the most because it keeps control of the food he eats and the calories he burns. Before he was unable to run more than 300m – now he runs 1kms under 8 mins!

#7 Navya Shree

Navya Shree

Women with PCOD tend to gain substantial weight or have a hard time losing weight. But, through diet control and home workouts provided by HealthifyMe PCOD Plus Plan – in 3 months Navya lost 18 kgs, reduced her waist by 5 inches, and brought PCOD under control!

The most significant change she has experienced is that she has gained self-confidence, has mostly stopped eating unhealthy food, and her menstrual cycle is also back to normal.

“My relatives and my aunt are surprised and both my cousin sisters are proud of me”, says a confident Navya. She feels much better and more confident and can’t thank her HealthifyMe coaches enough and her parents who have always motivated her through her journey. She says that the customized workout plans and the knowledge about health & fitness with valid explanations make HealthifyMe the best app in this industry.

#8 Sai Sudha

Sai Sudha

Being a student is time-consuming and doesn’t leave any wiggle space for any other activity especially if you are doing your post-graduation, one such student’s name is Sai Sudha. With the hectic schedule, she could never eat on time and would binge eat whenever she could, and in a year and a half, she had gained 15 kgs. After listening to her friend’s suggestion to use HealthifyMe, she saw some success stories on YouTube and decided to give it a try.

Through HealthifyMe she understood that to lose weight she doesn’t need to starve herself, she just needs to eat healthy food. She started measuring and weighing her food by logging it on the calorie tracker – this helped her eat in a controlled manner which resulted in her losing 13kgs in just 4 months!

“Even post COVID, instead of hitting the gym I would personally prefer working out at home with HealthifyMe Studio”, says a satisfied Sai Sudha. Yoga has played a major role in her weight loss journey – breathing exercises and pranayamas helped her make her lungs stronger.

#9 Shivaram Balajepalli

Shivaram Balajepalli

Irregular eating and sleeping patterns due to work took a toll on Shivaram’s health and he suffered from Laryngopharyngeal reflux disease and hypertension. During his counseling session on obesity and diabetes with his family doctor, he was advised on healthy & balanced eating, calorie requirement & portion control, and the importance of physical activity. His doctor suggested that he use HealthifyMe for tracking food and workouts.

He lost 56 kgs and 18 inches around his waist. A few things that helped him during his journey were intermittent fasting, using a kitchen scale to measure everything he ate, never skipping cardio, and sleeping well!

“HealthifyMe has been a constant, loyal, purposeful, and knowledgeable companion,” says Shivaram Balajepalli. He thanks HealthifyMe since he no longer suffers from hypertension and anxiety and he has been off his meds for 5 months now!

#10 Vikas Datta

Vikas Datta

Vikas Datta had always been overweight, but he had steadily gained more weight during the lockdown due to zero physical activity. He decided to lose weight due to his high cholesterol levels and got to know about HealthifyMe through social media and signed up for it.

He lost 13 kgs in 3.5 months and his double chin, along with getting his cholesterol under control! He also lost 2 inches from his waist!

“First 10 days were difficult since the weighing machine was not showing any reduction, but thanks to my coaches whose constant guidance and counseling helped me overcome and achieve my fitness goal!” exclaims Vikas Dutta. For someone who has a sweet tooth, he opted for healthy sweet options such as dates, blueberries and jaggery

Inspiring transformations such as these help us stay motivated and strive to reach our goals.

Let’s leave 2020 inspired, excited and pumped up to make new goals and stick to those goals in the coming year. 

And if you fall off the fitness wagon? Jump right back on with HealthifyMe.

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Disclaimer: All the above-mentioned people were able to achieve their weight loss goals through customized diet and workout plans. Results may vary for you.

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