The holistic approach to your day with Yoga

Pragya Bhatt

August 16, 2023

Yoga is not just about asanas; It’s also about maintaining a balance between your spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical well-being. HealthifyMe’s Senior Yoga coach Pragya shares quick tips and to-dos when it comes to implementing yoga in your life.

5 simple tips for a holistic approach to your day with Yoga

1.Focus on Breathing for Optimal Health (Everyday practice 10 min of anulom vilom pranayam)
2. 5 to 10 Rounds of Surya Namaskar
3. Take some time out for yourself (Meditate for 5 Minutes a day)
4. Desk jobs will stiffen the body (stretch a little before you sleep or as soon as you wake up
5. Yoga is also about maintaining balance (Write a journal everyday declutter your mind)

About the Author

For Pragya, yoga isn’t just exercise. It’s a way of life, one by which a person can attain a flexible and supple body and mind. With a B.Tech in computer science & engineering from Punjab Technical University, Pragya’s decision to teach yoga grew from a personal goal to deepen her own practice. She quit her day job to take her learnings to others. She believes that practicing yoga has brought balance to her life, and she wants HealthifyMe users to experience the same. How can she help accomplish that? By being creative, says Pragya. Of the opinion a balanced lifestyle equals healthy living, Pragya recommends you work out first thing in the morning and meditate right before going to sleep. And while self-motivation can pose a challenge for most yoga practitioners, Pragya assures she will be watching your every move.

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