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Episode 5: A Story of Unlocking Dreams 🎧

Imon Roy

May 10, 2022

The Journey of the First Women Footballer from India in the English League | A Story of Unlocking Dreams

Look around and you will find gold, they said. Real people believe in achieving the extraordinary. Despite all odds, there are always exceptions that break norms to marry their dreams and turn them into impassioned realities. While organized sport is still a predominantly male thing and football is taken up on the privilege to be called a masculine sport, our protagonist became India’s first-ever woman to play elite-level football in the UK, for clubs such as Tottenham and Fulham. 

Meet Tanvie Hans, a Delhi girl who was introduced to football when she was eight years old and that immediately became her ‘goal’. The unshakable resolution became her driving power, which followed her to England and gave her a glimpse of professional football. The desire to be selected for the first team is what kept her awake for months, training and pushing her limits, only to be better each day. Describing her highs and lows, where she felt powerless, yet restored of sense of control. What made her look beyond the horizon? Let’s find out. 

So, if you were to advise somebody who is going through a physical transformation, it’s probably going to be a different physical transformation, but a transformation nonetheless, what are a few things that they should focus on while doing so?

“I think first of all, always be in the hands of a professional. You do not want to take advice from a friend who is also fit or something like that. It’s just the wrong way to go. And I think that that’s just the general Indian mentality that, oh, okay, so she’s into fitness. Let’s take some advice from her. But, the truth is, you need to be in the hands of a professional. There needs to be a proper plan. and this person needs to guide you through that plan.”

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