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Sumesh Dugar adopts Yoga for Strength and Conditioning to become a Triathlete


April 30, 2021

Yoga is known to benefit the lives of people who practice it in more ways than one. Sumesh Dugar experienced change for the better by practicing yoga for strength and conditioning. This change helped him train for the Himalayan Rush, a triathlon that takes place in Nepal every year.  

Fitness enthusiast Sumesh, CEO of a web developing company, didn’t have much time to pay attention to his fitness. Sumesh has always been an active person right from school where he was a sub junior national level rower. Like every other student, his extra-curricular activities took a backseat when it came to college and career, thus opening doors to a sedentary lifestyle.

Getting Back on Track

After a couple of years, Sumesh gradually started getting back to his active ways and started running 3 days a week. Keeping his activity levels constant, Sumesh regularly participated in 5 and 10K runs. With the need to breakthrough from the monotony, Sumesh decided to train for the Himalayan Rush. This called for a few practice treks and a new, dynamic routine. While he did a few treks with India Hikes as a part of his training, he was also looking for a better diet and workout plan to help improve his strength and stamina. As a result, he stumbled across HealthifyMe and decided to give it a try. Soon, a consultation call with a HealthifyMe Coach led him towards adopting yoga for strength and conditioning.

After being convinced that yoga will help him train for the Himalayan Rush, he decided to adopt yoga for strength and conditioning. This much needed change in his workout routine helped him to a great extent, in improving his stamina and endurance levels.

Achievement Unlocked

Finishing strong as a triathlete is not a walk in the park, Sumesh’s experience and training for the Himalayan Rush has demonstrated the same. Being a person who always liked to challenge himself and exceed expectations, Sumesh enrolled himself for the Himalayan Rush and adopted yoga for strength and conditioning as a core part of his training.

“Competing with athletes at the Olympic level is quite intimidating, you really have to give it your all. This was a competition that I was having with myself, so I grit my teeth and enrolled myself along with my cousin brother, for some moral support”

Part 1

The first task was swimming, where the participants were required to cover a distance of 800m in open water. This was challenging for Sumesh since he had trained in an enclosed water body, i.e., a swimming pool.

“Although I am a natural swimmer and had trained for this, I found it very difficult to stay on course because this was the first time I was swimming in open waters. But thanks to the guide I was able to stay on course while returning”

Part 2

The next leg was the longest. Athletes had to cycle for 25 km over the Himalayan terrain. The difficulty level was a little on the higher side, since the participants had to take into account the steepness and the rugged terrain.

“At some places the slopes were so steep that we had to get off our cycles and push them ahead. Unable to judge the terrain,I applied brakes to slow down, and ended up falling off my bike. Learning the hard way I managed to cover the distance”  

Part 3

After swimming for 800 m and cycling for 25 km, it was time for a 5 km run. The course ended with the run, along the streets of of Nepal, thus making it a once in a lifetime experience.

“The last stretch was when I entered my comfort zone. To my surprise I was able to maintain a decent pace and stamina during the run. This was when I realised that choosing yoga for strength and conditioning was a good decision. All thanks to my yoga coach, Chaitanya, I was able to complete this challenge!

It was a great feeling to unlock this achievement. Apart from the exhilarating feeling I got on completing this race, I got to experience that stretch of Nepal in its raw form.

The Training

On reading this piece about Sumesh’s experience one may think that it doesn’t take much, just a bit of training and willpower to achieve the target you set for yourself. While Sumesh took the initiative to get back to his active ways by going for a run, he felt that he needed an extra push along with a more dynamic workout to break away from the monotony while building on his strength and endurance, and HealthifyMe provided just that.

On taking to yoga for strength and conditioning, Sumesh experienced a lot of improvement in his health. “We eased into the routine of practicing yoga regularly. Starting off with Pranayama and Suryanamaskar, I gave him asanas that would help strengthen and improve the flexibility of his vertebral column. The pranayamas were instrumental in helping Sumesh regulate his breathing after a run”, Yoga coach Chaitanya tells us while talking about how yoga helped Sumesh. Pawanmuktasana, Bhujangasana and few desk asanas helped Sumesh build strength and improve his flexibility thus, making him healthy enough to compete in the Himalayan Rush.

“I ‘Destroy Excuses’ when I take up a challenge like completing the Himalayan Rush, to remind me not to give up. The next big challenge I would like to take up is the Spartan Race!”

Sumesh was able to improve his strength and conditioning by practising yoga and following a regulated diet. Our coaches are here to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Disclaimer: Sumesh underwent rigorous training and followed a personalized diet and yoga plan to help him participate in the Himalayan Rush 2017. Results may vary for you.

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