Episode 2: Postpartum Weight Loss, Leadership and Motivation 🎧

Imon Roy

August 7, 2023

Postpartum Weight Loss, Leadership and Motivation | The Journey of Persistence & Hard Work

Who would you acknowledge when you think about your biggest strength, greatest motivators, even your personal cheerleaders? You might think mothers are the epitome of love and warmth, but they are more than that. Roshni Goveas is one such person that soaks into the moderation of motherhood. The mother of three and the VP of a health and wellness company in Bengaluru. Here’s a tale of triumph and transformation. 

Women change roles throughout their lives and she was very similar. An athlete turned CA, homemaker and then a woman in technology, Roshni’s journey is one that we call awe-inspiring. A believer in an active lifestyle, what set her off was her post-pregnancy weight gain that led to health complications. 

Lend an ear to know what made her set a path for herself against all odds and stand tall as the leader that she is today. 

What did that whole experience feel like, mentally and emotionally?

“Emotionally, it was a huge baggage because from someone who used to workout a lot and who used to always be a very hyperactive self, like I am. I was unable to do basic stuff like there was this point in my life where one day I decided to just get on the treadmill and start trying to lose weight. And after running, slow jogging for about a minute, I couldn’t – I used to turn the treadmill off, I sat on the treadmill and I cried.”

I wanted to ask, you know, you mentioned that, this idea of having to balance everything. And as a mother, as an employee at a company. Even as a friend in your life, how did you manage all that was going on during this period of time?

“One mantra, wake up early. Right? You need those extra two, three hours to yourself. I mean, you have to conquer so much in the rest of the day. I prioritize. I prioritize ruthlessly, and that’s the only way. I have to crack the work that I have to finish that day and that’s no-brainer.”

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