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Probiotics for Weight Loss – Here is How it Works

Mehak Shah

January 30, 2023

One of the latest trends to hit the wellness industry is the acknowledgement of probiotics in our diet. Probiotics are tasty and also a boon for your gut’s health. Several studies like the ‘Probiotics for the Treatment of Overweight and Obesity in Humans‘ suggests that certain types of probiotics may be the go-to solution for weight loss.

The logic behind taking probiotics (through fermented foods and supplements) is that consuming more good bacteria ensures a healthy microbiome. It, in turn, supports a handful of processes in your body, including weight loss. 

The article reflects and discusses the role of Probiotics in weight loss in a structured format.

How Do Probiotics Help You Lose Weight?

When it comes to weight loss, gut health plays a significant role. Countless microbes floating in the gut can affect an individual’s overall health. For example, moderate-weight people have healthier gut bacteria than obese or overweight people.

So, how can you maintain the health of your gut microbiome? Probiotics help you to achieve that. Adding probiotic-rich foods will influence calorie intake, reduce your appetite and inflammation and ultimately result in healthy weight loss. Here’s how probiotics benefit your weight loss plan.

Appetite Suppressant

Probiotics’ primary role is to act as an appetite suppressor, making you feel satiated for a long time. And preventing overeating or snacking on theunhealthy foods. Further, probiotics that have Bifidobacterium, release a hormone known as GLP-1. The hormone stimulates the fat-burning process. 

Improves Fat Regulation Proteins

Another way probiotics aid in weight loss is by increasing fat regulation proteins. As per research, Angiopoietin-like protein is one of the proteins that reduce fat storage and protect one from obesity. 

Promotes Digestive Health

Probiotics can regenerate the digestive system with good microbes, neutralising harmful components. In addition, the beneficial microorganisms reduce digestive issues, which naturally has a positive impact on your digestive health and weight loss.

Induces Quality Sleep

Poor quality of sleep increases the risk of obesity. The gut microbiome has a significant role in your sleep cycle and mental health. Probiotics might help in improving the quality of sleep in adults, where improved sleep, in turn, will effectively aid in weight loss.

But, before you go and purchase some probiotic-rich foods, you must know that the wrong strain of probiotics may do the opposite. Your gut is a warehouse of trillions of bacteria, where some of them are good and others are not. It’s a party inside, but things can go wrong when that bacterial balance gets thrown out of whack. Therefore, pick the right probiotic strain to help your weight loss goals.

Potential winning ( and less eccentric) weight loss strains include:

  • Lactobacillus
  • Bifidobacterium
  • VSL 3

Foods Rich in Probiotics

Probiotics are food items or supplements containing live bacteria and yeast that assist the digestive process. Probiotic-rich foods will aid in better gut health and promote weight loss, along with several other health advantages. Here is the list of healthy foods high in probiotics that you should include in your daily dietary regime.


Yoghurt contains many probiotics that are gut-friendly and improve overall health. It is crafted from milk and carefully fermented with probiotics, mainly bifidobacteria and lactic acid bacteria.

Consuming yoghurt has several advantages besides weight loss, including better health of bones, blood pressure management, and relieving irritable bowel syndrome.


Kimchi is the Korean counterpart to our Indian achaar. Gained popularity with K-dramas, kimchi is known for its spiciness and pungent aroma and is rich in probiotics. This side dish with a bowl of brown rice can be the perfect lunch choice for your weight loss diet plan. 

Miso Soup

Miso Soup is another natural food source with high probiotics. It is a Japanese soup containing a stock called dashi (made of kelp, a type of seaweed), which aids in improving gut health and weight loss. Miso is nothing but fermented soybean paste filled with rice, barley, and salt making it a  rich in protein source as well. 


Tempeh is another probiotic-filled delicacy which comes from soybeans. It is considered a perfect alternative to meat by vegans due to its rich protein content that promotes weight loss. You can consume it by stirring it with fried veggies or pairing it with brown rice. In addition, the food has natural antibiotics that combat various illnesses.


Every probiotic food list has sauerkraut, which is finely cut cabbage, fermented by various probiotic bacteria. This food is a good source of antioxidants like vitamin C. Besides helping you shed extra kilos, sauerkraut keeps your digestive system healthy and active. You can also add it to other dishes to improve the flavour while strengthening your immune system.

Certain Types of Cheese

Regarding probiotic-rich food sources, certain kinds of fermented cheese are helpful. For example, cottage cheese is a popular food source high in probiotics which you can consume just with a pinch of salt. You can pair it with walnuts, olive oil, and cucumber slices to achieve a healthy weight loss snack. 


Like yoghurt, kefir is a fermented form of dairy with a distinct mixture of fermented milk and kefir grains. It is even suitable for people with lactose intolerance and has more than 34 different probiotics. In addition, the food helps assist bone health and weight loss, improve digestive processes, and fight off infections.


Kombucha is a slightly sweet and fizzy drink made from sweet black tea and fermented with a bacterial colony. It is good for digestion and can be consumed directly from the bottle. Furthermore, the vitamin content in the drink plays a vital role in promoting the function of the immune and nervous systems.

Dark Chocolate

Surprisingly, dark chocolate is another rich powerhouse of probiotics, which has four times the content compared to any other dairy product. The high concentration of antioxidants ensures the maintenance of a healthy gut and prevents oxidation damage to the cells. And the best part is when consumed in moderation, it can also aid in weight loss.

The HealthifyMe Note

You’ve probably had a healthy dose of probiotics in pickles, yoghurt, kefir, kombucha, or other fermented foods. When shopping for probiotic foods, check for labels that say live and active cultures. Common strains like lactobacillus and bifidobacteria are the best choices. 


The key to healthy and long-term weight loss is consuming foods high in essential nutrients. Probiotics are one source that will help you eliminate stubborn fat. However, it alone cannot contribute to weight loss. Consume various colourful foods rich in probiotics and a diet rich in essential nutrients to keep yourself active and in shape.

A good weight loss plan is not about restricting or cutting down on fatty foods but also about eating healthy foods and drinks that will help you treat the issue from the root. Simply put, the best thing you can do to benefit your weight and overall well-being is to keep your gut microbiome as diverse as possible.

About the Author

Mehak holds masters in foods and nutrition from Amity university, Noida. She has a keen interest in public health and nutrition and has been in charge of various projects with milestone NGO. She has worked with people over the globe to bring out the changes in their lives and has always been working towards lifestyle modifications via good dietary practices. According to her a healthy lifestyle is not about the destination but all about the journey.

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