Meal Patterns: Breakfast, unhealthiest meal of the day


July 12, 2019

A detailed study of India’s meal patterns tells us that lunch (Protein:Fat:Carbs = 16:27:57) and dinner (P:F:C = 17:29:54) are the healthiest meals overall with respect to PFC balance. Percentage energy from protein is highest for dinner and percentage energy from fat is the lowest for lunch.
Meal Patterns - Energy Contribution of Protein and Fat

Evening snacks are the most fatty meal of the day.

Meal Patterns - Energy Consumption of Fat

They are also the meal with the highest sugar content in terms of % of the weight of food.

Meal Patterns - Sugar in Food

Fruit consumption is the highest during morning and evening snacks. Vegetable consumption is also seen to peak for lunch and dinner.

Meal Patterns - Percentage of Fruits and Vegetables

One primary reason for the above-mentioned meal patterns is unhealthy snacking is a large fraction of the urban population selecting high-fat instant snacks at work or on-the-go, due to busy schedules and a growing fast-food culture.

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