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Are you Marathon ready?

The 6km Dream Run may seem like a breeze and you may have managed a few half marathons with ease. But the rules of mathematics get tossed aside when you sign up for the full marathon. Veterans will tell you that 21 km x 2 does not equal 42 km. It is ten times as difficult.


Wondering if your body is ready for four to five hours of non-stop running on a cold morning? It probably is if you:

  • Have been running for a year

Some trainers claim they can make you go from the couch to the full 42 km in six months. But experts say you need to have run consistently for at least a year to pull it off. Your body needs time to build the requisite stamina, endurance and pace.

  • Have sailed through a half marathon or two

A dress rehearsal is the best way to know if you are prepared for the real show.

  • Have got the doctor’s clearance

You need to be free of any injuries and illnesses that could be exacerbated during training.

  •  Have got a plan to beat the ‘wall’

You may force yourself to feel angry in order to fire yourself or picture the medal that waits for you to keep going when you run out of energy


You use your legs to get through the first 32km of the marathon, but your mind through the last 10. To mentally prepare

–          Visualise yourself crossing the finish line to stay motivated

–          Recall all your best training moments when you go to bed

–          Focus on your breathing and stretching on D-day to stay calm

–          Remember to have a good time. Find a running buddy or listen to peppy music when training

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