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Kishor Shah – The doctor who turned to yoga to overcome a medical condition


April 30, 2021

Who would have thought of practising yoga to overcome a medical condition for conditions like hypertension, diabetes and heart disease? Here is an insight into the story of Dr Kishor Shah, and how he benefited from living the healthy life.

Based out of Pune, Dr Kishor decided to make things better by adopting yoga to overcome a medical condition, despite his busy schedule. With a family history of hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease, Kishor who was
overweight by 10 kg was already suffering from hypertension. Being aware of the dangers of being overweight, Kishor would exercise, go for walks and take the stairs whenever he could. Although this was not a routine activity he was motivated to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

On the lookout for an application that would help him get an idea about nutrition and calories, Kishor came across HealthifyMe. Within the first few times of using the app, he was encouraged to go ahead and take the assistance of
three certified coaches to help him with his weight loss.

My coaches, Nijandan, Preetinder, and Rajesh understood my needs and why I wanted to lose weight and accordingly prescribed a personalized yoga, diet and workout plan. This effort and dedication on their part impressed me to the extent that I was willing to plan my entire day around this new routine.”

The Importance of Diet

One of the key aspects to losing weight is following the right diet on a daily basis. Preetinder, helped Kishor follow the right diet by bringing down his daily calorie consumption to the required level. “Kishor is a very keen learner and follows his diet to the T. This enabled him to get maximum benefit from the changes I made to his diet” says Preetinder, Kishor Pranlal Shah Before who also mentions that he is one of the most dedicated clients she has worked with.

I was so interested in knowing how the change in diet will help me that I would keep asking questions. In order to make things convenient for all of us at home I connected my wife with Preetinder. This helped her in understanding the concept of portion control and the foods I should be eating.”

Easy-to-do Home Workouts

Being a general practitioner, Kishor would spend most of his day at the clinic. As a result, the only time he had to himself was in the morning. Taking this into consideration, his fitness coach designed a routine of easy-to-do home workouts for Kishor.

At this point I was mentally prepared for guidance on health and fitness through a virtual platform. The training I received from my coaches was absolutely remarkable! I was easily able to workout at home without disrupting my schedule or going out of my way.”

Yoga to overcome a medical condition

Apart from being at risk of falling victim to the list of hereditary medical conditions, Kishor was also suffering from sciatica – a condition where the nerve roots are pressed between herniated discs, or a case of slip disc, causing numbness and weakness. As a result of this acute pain in his lower back, Kishor was in search of a way to ease himself of this discomfort, that’s when yoga came to the rescue.

Kishor Pranlal Shah AfterKishor’s incredible transformation serves as the perfect example of using yoga to overcome a medical condition. Taking Kishor’s condition into account, yoga coach Nijandan, designed a personalized yoga routine that would help cure this problem. Since he already used to exercise, if not on a regular basis, it was easy for Kishor to practice the yoga asanas prescribed to him by Nijandan. His daily yoga routine would begin with Savasana, followed by 10 sets of Suryanamaskar, 2 repetitions of Bujangasana, holding the Makarasana pose for 15 seconds and Salabahasana pose for another 15 seconds, finally ending with the Savasana. These poses helped stretch and relax Kishor’s back, thus, leaving him completely cured of sciatica. Apart from these asanas, he would also practice Anulom-Vilom and Kapaalbhaati.

I would never have imagined that I would turn to yoga to overcome a medical condition and I’m so glad I did. It has been a pleasure to work with the HealthifyMe Coaches. From what my experience has been so far, I would like to say this – if you have the will to do something in life, all you need is encouragement, motivation and guidance, and I was lucky enough to receive it from HealthifyMe!”

After successfully losing 8 kg in 6 months, Kishor is looking forward to losing more weight in the future. While talking about the impact this change has had in his life, Kishor mentions that he has become more active, energetic and focussed towards leading a healthy life.

Kishor lost 8 kg in 6 months by practising yoga and following a regulated diet. Our coaches are here to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Disclaimer: Kishor lost weight and got rid of sciatica with the help of a personalized diet, workout and yoga plan. Results may vary for you.

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