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Jayanth – How I Lost 20 kgs in 11 Months with HealthifyMe

Misbah Fathima

November 29, 2023

A Chartered Accountant by profession, Jayanth was very frustrated with his unhealthy lifestyle and his increasing weight. When he finally decided to change everything holding him back, there was no stopping him. 

Here is how he lost 20 kgs in 11 months! 

Name: Jayanth

Gender: Male

Age: 32

Profession: Chartered Accountant

Before HealthifyMe 

The shift in the timings of my job caused my eating habits to change. Despite working out regularly, my unhealthy eating habits led to weight gain. I would often binge eat junk food at odd hours of the night, and the extra kilos led to reduced workout performance. It made me uncomfortable, and I noticed that certain exercises that I could do with ease in the past had become difficult. 

The turning point 

I did not want to shift jobs but was also done feeling uncomfortable. I did not want to look back at the past and regret not doing anything to change my unhealthy lifestyle. 

After doing a lot of research, I came across HealthifyMe on the internet. I needed guidance for tracking my workout and diet plans systematically. I found HealthifyMe’s Smart Plan to be a perfect fit! 

HealthifyMe’s Smart Plan 

I was already exercising regularly, but I needed some help to track my workout and diet systematically. My working hours do not match the regular gym timings. So I was looking for something that can be an assistant at all times. 

I found HealthifyMe Smart Plan to be the correct fit for my requirement. I wanted to subscribe for my spouse as well, and to my surprise, including my spouse in the plan came with a minimal price!

Weight loss transformation journey 

Because of my unhealthy lifestyle, I became overweight, and the weight was going up rapidly. Though I was exercising, due to my eating patterns, I could not put much resistance to my increasing weight. 

HealthifyMe helped me make adjustments to my eating patterns. Initially, I knew nothing about workouts and did some very basic exercises from the free workouts present in the app. 

Later, I developed some interest in jump rope training. With the help of YouTube videos, I developed jump rope skills. Initially, I struggled to do basic bounce jump rope continuously, even for 30 seconds. Now, I can double jump rope with ease!

Ever since I started tracking the food, my weight reduced gradually and helped widen my range of motion and improve workout performance. With this systematic approach, I could lose 20 kgs without losing muscle mass! 

Tips/things that worked well throughout the transformation journey

  1. Tracking calories and eating the correct amount of nutrition
  1. Regular workout. A mix of weight training and interval training. It is important to stretch your body after a workout. I would do 10-15 minutes of yoga flow routine to stretch out
  1. Try to learn a new skill. For example, I was not good at jump rope at the beginning. But, with practice, I got great at it! Similarly, if you do not know how to swim, attempt to learn. Learning new physical activities will involve additional effort and burn more calories, and most importantly you will have gained a new skill in the end

The most significant change in lifestyle after joining HealthifyMe

I avoided junk food. Before HealthifyMe, every dinner would usually end with a milkshake or an ice-cream. After subscribing to the Smart Plan on HealthifyMe, the app gave me proper suggestions to overcome such cravings. 

Now if I get a sugar craving in the night, I have dry dates or fruit to overcome it. Also, there is a good change in my snacking habits, even if it is junk food, I can judge how much I should eat.

Breaking down barriers

Honestly, I never felt like giving up. The trick that worked for me was that I would change my workout routines in case I got bored. Sometimes, I felt I was doing too much jump rope, and I switched to some other workout routine and limited the jump rope part. 

It was about mixing things up and trying to learn new things so that workout was always fun. I have been doing 10-15 minutes of yoga flow routine post-interval training for over 6 months, which improved my flexibility, mobility, and balance. 

In addition to gaining core strength with other routines, I can now perform the Shirshasana pose and in the process to perfect it. I strongly suggest learning new things this way: the workouts will remain exciting!

After HealthifyMe

Through the HealthifyMe Smart Plan, I could track what I ate, exercise in the comfort of my home, and learned how to overcome my cravings for sugary treats by swapping them with something healthy. 

I lost 20 kgs without losing muscle mass. I weigh 65 kgs now and I feel more confident. My mindset about fitness has changed from losing weight to maintaining the lost weight to wanting to learn new skills such as boxing, martial arts, and yoga! 

Reactions from friends and family after the transformation

On seeing my transformation, my family was concerned at first. Because they associated being lean with being weak, but once they saw my toned physique, they changed their minds. It was the same with my friends, everyone eventually came around.  

Disclaimer: Jayanth lost 20 kg in 11 months with the help of a customized health and fitness plan. Results may vary for you, let us help you get the right plan.

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