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October 31, 2023

We live in a world that celebrates efficiency, efficacy, and accessibility. Yet in all of this we somehow forget that our health is the greatest virtue. Technological advancements have been a boon to medical science and  these innovations have redefined the need of prevention and precaution. One such mechanism which is designed to nudge people into embracing a healthy lifestyle is a Smart Scale. 

Unlike other weighing scales that offer information only about your weight, Smart Scales are electronic devices that measure and track your fitness data, beyond weight. Of course, it measures your weight, simultaneously, it also calculates other health metrics like body fat percentage, metabolic age, bone density, etc. 

Healthify 2.0 is all about creating a fitness ecosystem and the HealthifyMe Smart Scale is a tool that helps track various fitness dimensions essential to keep you motivated throughout your wellness journey and more. If you have questions about Smart Scales, its utility, and how it helps one in their day to day lives, this article will answer all. 

How Does a Smart Scale Work?  

Just more than a decade ago, this was unimaginable, to comprehend how a compact home like  a weighing scale is able to learn about one’s body composition. The science behind the functioning of a smart scale is that it uses BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis). It has two electrodes that send a small painless electrical current that enters from one leg and travels up to your pelvis and exits from the other leg. This current can pass through muscles, lean tissues, etc., and accumulate information about the body’s composition.

The HealthifyMe Smart Scale is a Bluetooth syncing device that easily connects with the HealthifyMe App and helps you track your diet and fitness progress. It is designed to evaluate 12 major body metrics along with smart weight tracking at your convenience. Also, these values help nutritionists and fitness professionals to customize recommendations and guide you accordingly. 

Who Should Use a Smart Scale?

A smart scale brings about convenience and accuracy in the daily life of people who need to track their basic health information or work towards their weight loss/weight gain journey. It is a simple piece of equipment that can help you gain some insight into your overall health.

How Does the HealthlifyMe Smart Scale Benefit Your Transformational Journey?

The HealthifyMe Smart Scale is designed to help one understand their body composition easily and thus take essential steps in the direction of healthy living. Whether you are trying to lose weight or gain muscle mass, this device helps you or your nutritionist understand your bodily mechanics better and take constructive steps towards your goal. 

Furthermore, the smart scale assessed parameters also aids to identify and manage various underlying diseases like thyroid, type 2 diabetes. It can also prevent the risk of chronic problems like heart diseases, osteoporosis, hypertension, fluctuating cholesterol levels, etc.

Humans are creatures of habit and breaking the pattern to adapt to a different diet or lifestyle is difficult in order to reach your goal. Behavioral change is a crucial part of any kind of transformation. Here your HealthifyMe Smart Scales can be a motivator that helps you achieve your goal.  

Introduction to Smart Scale- HealthifyMe

This Smart Scale Calculates and Displays 12 Body Metrics, these are:

  1. Weight– The Smart Scale like any other weighing scale, provides the accurate weight of an individual and is ideal for goal setting. You can check your weight on the digital screen of your smart scale or even log in to your HealthifyMe App. You can also set weekly reminders on the App that nudges you to log in your weight.
  1. Body Fat– It also tells you the approximate body fat percentage that a person has and if it is normal, borderline, or unusual. The scale sends a painless electric current through one of the legs that assess tissues, muscle, etc. up to your pelvis. Fat is a poor conductor of electricity than muscle or water and thus causes resistance. The scale picks up on that and displays a body percentage. 
  1. Muscle Mass– Whether you are trying to lose weight or gain some, muscle mass is essential to build strength, retain energy and live an active lifestyle. The muscle mass of a person depends on the age and gender of the person. It is proven that muscle mass decreases after one reaches the age of 30. So, a smart scale calculates muscle mass and helps to identify if the person needs to alter their diet or fitness plan to gain muscle.  
  1. Visceral Fat– Visceral fat is the fat found deep inside the abdominal cavity that surrounds vital organs. Everyone has some amount of visceral fat and it is essential to keep your internal organs safe. A smart scale calculates visceral fat in percentage and could learn if it is normal or not. Unusual values can indicate the risk of various health complications. 
  1. Metabolic Age– An individual’s metabolic age can substantiate how many calories in the form of energy you need to keep your body functioning, even when at rest. It also depends on various other factors like gender, height, weight, muscle mass etc. Knowing your metabolic age can help you manage your weight  better and also improve other health parameters. 
  1. Skeletal Mass– Skeletal muscles are tissues that help individuals to move, maintain posture, balance body temperature, and perform various other functions. It constitutes 30- 40% of your total body weight. Skeletal mass can sometimes be lost due to dietary restrictions and lifestyle changes, when one is trying to lose weight. So, a smart scale keeps track of skeletal mass percentage in the body. 
  1. Bone Mass– Bone mass is directly proportional to bone strength. It is essential to maintain bone mass to avoid the risk of osteoporosis, fractures, etc. Though it is based on the genetics of a person, certain modifiable environmental factors can help keep up a strong bone mass like intake of calcium and protein and also focused physical activity. A smart scale can help you determine your bone mass and prevent bone related complications
  1. Hydration– Smart scales can calculate body water percentage by taking into account your gender and age. Hydration has been associated with weight loss as it suppresses appetite, boosts metabolism. So, a smart scale can help you maintain a healthy hydration level and aid weight management. 
  1. Protein– Keeping a tab on your body’s protein content can help you in your transformation journey. A person’s protein intake can help them boost their metabolism, maintain the muscle to fat ratio, and also keeps one satiated for a long time. 
  1. BMI- BMI or Body Mass Index is a way to estimate your body fat ratio and is also exceptionally useful to identify any underlying health risks. Using a smart scale to determine BMI is great as it is quick, easy, and accessible. 
  1. BMR– Basal Metabolic Rate or BMR helps you understand the amount of energy in the form of calories needed to keep you active throughout the day, even when your body is at rest. Based on your BMR, your nutritionist can design a calorie deficit plan, if you want to lose weight. 
  1. Subcutaneous Fat– This is the kind of fat that is present under the layer of your skin. Some amount of this fat is necessary to keep your body warm during the cold and even protect deep tissues. But, a higher percentage of subcutaneous fat can indicate health problems like heart disease, diabetes etc. 

How Accurate is HealthifyMe Smart Scale?

The HealthifyMe Smart Scale is designed by taking into account the quality checks and complying with all the industry standards. Simple to use and connects seamlessly with the HealthifyMe App offering a comprehensive health overview. However, it is not a medical device and shouldn’t be used as an alternative to visiting a medical practitioner or DEXA (dual x-ray absorptiometry) scan.

How can You get a HealthifyMe Smart Scale?

You can get a HealthifyMe Smart scale free by availing any of the HealthifyMe Pro Plan or you can buy it separately on Amazon and directly connect to your HealthifyMe App. 

How can you Sync Your HealthifyMe Smart Scale to the App?

HealthifyMe Smart Scale is a wireless device that can seamlessly connect through bluetooth. Here the steps you can follow:

  1. Switch on the Bluetooth of your phone
  2. Open HealthifyMe App on your Smartphone
  3. Feed on the basic Information if you are using it for the first time (Once you have completed, you will be displayed a Home Screen)
  4. In the Home Screen, click on the purple (+) button present under the ‘Weight’ Section.(You will be displayed a pop up screen called ‘Add Log’).  
  5. Choose the first option to ‘Add Automatically’. 
  6. You will view a screen that displays two options: ‘View Plans’ and ‘I have the Smart Scale’. (If you have bought your HealthifyMe Smart Scale from third party sellers like Amazon, click on the second option) 
  7. Once you click on the second option, you will see a form that requires you to choose ‘Where Did You Get Your HealthifyMe Smart Scale?’
  8. Post selecting, click on ‘Next’ at the bottom of the screen.
  9. Following that, click on ‘Yes’, if you have already received your HealthifyMe Smart Scale
  10. You will need to confirm the information present on the screen and press ‘Confirm’.
  11. On the next screen, you will be displayed ‘Let’s Connect your Smart Scale’. Click on ‘Next’ at the bottom of the Screen. (Remember to read the guidelines before clicking next)
  12. Now, simply step on the Smart Scale and wait for the scale display to light up. Wait for a few seconds and you would find your information displayed on the app screen. 

Final Words

A Smart Scale is a medium that aligns with your lifestyle and fitness goal. It provides insight into your body composition from your home and helps you address health concerns. 

Though it looks like a typical weighing scale, it can help you set your goal and work towards it. This device also tremendously helps your nutritionist or fitness coach in providing an in-depth understanding of your current state and offers customized solutions. 

For example, it can record your BMI and also display if it is Normal, Borderline or Overweight. Thus, helping you make informed decisions. 

HealthifyMe strives to create a healthy ecosystem that offers accessible and approachable solutions for you. So step up and get your HealthifyMe Smart Scale today.   

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is a Smart Scale Worth It?

Unlike ordinary weight scales, smart Scales are devices that help you track your weight and many other body compositions like metabolic age, BMI, BMR, muscle mass, etc. These parameters help you avoid the risk of underlying diseases and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

2. What is the function of HealthifyMe Smart Scale?

HealthifyMe Smart Scale assesses 12 body metrics and helps you improve your lifestyle. It also benefits you if you are beginning your fitness journey to keep you motivated. The 12 body metrics are Weight, Body Fat, Muscle Mass, Visceral Fat, Metabolic Age, Skeletal Mass, Bone Mass, Hydration, Protein, BMI, BMR and Subcutaneous Fat.  

3. Is HealthifyMe Smart Scale Accurate?

Yes, HealthifyMe Smart Scale is designed with utmost precision and by adhering to the latest industry standards. It also verifies the product compliance with the functional requirements. It is safe to be used by adolescents and adults. 

4. How do Smart Scales calculate various Body Metrics?

Smart Scales function by using  BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis). The device has two electrodes that send a small painless electrical current that enters from one leg and travels up to your pelvis and exits from the other leg. Thus, assessing lean muscles, tissues, water and bone to substantiate information.


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