Across the top 8 cities, Delhi shows the highest percentage energy contribution of fat (~30%) across genders, age groups, and key meals and is thus at the highest risk of heart disease and hypertension.

Energy Consumption of Fat - Top 8 Cities

Chennai and Hyderabad are the highest in carbohydrate consumption (~57%) due to the inclusion of Idlis and dosas as staples in their meals and is thus are most susceptible to diabetes.

Energy Consumption of Carbohydrates - Top 8 Cities

Kolkata shows the highest percentage energy contribution due to protein (17%) due to the high proportion of fish included in their meals.

Energy Consumption of Protein - Top 8 Cities

When benchmarked against the ideal PFC ratio of 20:30:50 for an Indian adult, Kolkata comes across as the healthiest city in India.

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