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How HealthifyMe helped a Former National-level Power Lifter Transform


September 14, 2020

Rajat sharma
July 2015: At the time of enrolling with HealthifyMe

Let’s read about National-level Power Lifter Rajat Sharma’s transformation from 96 kg to 85 kg in 12 months a 11 kg weight loss. 

A national-level powerlifter back in his college days, Rajat Sharma has always been diligent about his fitness routine. However, the entry into the corporate world made his workouts take a back seat . “Up until the year 2008, I was very active. But once I began a job, I could not maintain a diet or exercise schedule,” says the 29-year-old IT professional who joined and quit the gym a few times during this period.

Unable to motivate himself, Rajat realised he needed a more structured approach to achieve his fitness goals. His primary aim wasn’t losing weight, but building muscle and stamina. He was introduced to HealthifyMe last year, through a relative who had seen instant results after joining the Premium programme. Rajat signed up in July 2015 and, although losing weight wasn’t his objective, he dropped 11 kg over the last year under the guidance of HealthifyMe’s experts.

‘My aim is to bulk up, not slim down’

Rajat’s focus was building muscle; to regain the physique he sported during his bodybuilding days. “I don’t want to lose too much weight because I don’t want to look lean,” he says.

HealthifyMe experts Alpa and Meenakshi have specifically tailored Rajat’s diet and exercise plan to help him bulk up. Keeping in mind his preference for a traditional North Indian vegetarian diet, Alpa has introduced small changes to increase his protein intake. All ingredients recommended are widely available and easy to prepare. “Alpa ensured I had small portions of protein across several meals. For instance, I have milk with sattu (powder of roasted chana or gram), sprouts or an apple and tofu smoothie, post my workout. My mid-morning snack comprises of oats, ragi, besan and flaxseed chila (pancake). A bowl of dal for lunch is mandatory, and in the evening, I indulge in a bowl of vegetable salad topped with chana, rajma and lobia (black-eyed peas),” says Rajat. Building muscle mass takes more time for vegetarians when compared to people who have eggs and/or whey protein, but Rajat is unperturbed. “I can see the results. It’s slow, but they surely exist”, he says.

His diet has been synchronised with a workout routine monitored by Meenakshi. He does cardio and yoga on two days. “The best thing I learnt from HealthifyMe yoga expert, Pragya, was Surya Namaskar. I had never done it before, but it has helped me immensely, especially in building stamina. I started with 5 reps, and I can do 30 now!” says Rajat. He ran the half marathon for three consecutive years and is currently working with Meenakshi to achieve his best timing this year. “I’ve made it a point to walk 13-15,000 steps daily over the last year,” he says.

‘The encouragement and support I receive from HeathifyMe’s experts has inspired me to push my limits further

July 2016: Rajat lost 11 kg and is on his way to building his dream body

Standing at 5 feet 11 inches, Rajat weighed around 96 kg when he began working with HealthifyMe; today, he weighs 85 kg. His stamina, he claimed, has increased significantly. “I went to Vaishno Devi a few weeks ago, and managed a 14 km uphill climb in just three-and-a-half hours,” he says.

He credits the fitness communities built by the HealthifyMe experts for motivating him to push himself. “Alpa and Meenakshi showed me there was a lot more I could do,” he explains. By introducing new recipes, meal combinations, and fitness challenges, the experts break the monotony that can set in with any regimen. Rajat specifically mentions how helpful Meenakshi’s pain management tips have been and how Alpa has taught him to carry healthy snacks like raw cucumber, flax seeds, and nuts whenever he travels. “It’s very important to build a rapport with your expert for the plan to work. I find my interactions with the experts, coupled with their constant support & encouragement the biggest motivational factors in achieving my goal”, says Rajat.

Encouraged by his progress, Rajat has set his sights even higher. “I want a body like The Hulk,” he said. HealthifyMe nutritionist Alpa credits Rajat’s sincerity for his success. “He came to us with the goal of bulking up, but we explained he needed to get rid of his excess weight first. He’s been very diligent about following instructions and he is now ready for the next stage,” said Alpa. With weight training, whole food combinations of protein and fiber, and smaller meals through the day, she’s confident Rajat will be able to achieve his ultimate goal.

Disclaimer: Rajat lost those extra kilos with ease, and is now on the way to bulking up, with HealthifyMe.
The results can and may vary for you. Let us help determine the best approach for you to achieve your goal.

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