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HealthifyMe helped Rocky pack on muscle and gain 7 kg


September 18, 2019

Muscle and gain

Age: 27 yearshelped Rocky pack on muscle and gain 7 kg

Weight before: 73 kg

Weight now: 80 kg

Gained: 7 kg and packed muscle

Rocky isn’t a stranger to the world of working out.

“I have been working out for the last eight years. I am an advanced-level trainee with major muscle,” he says.

How then did he sign up with HealthifyMe?

Rocky, an engineering professional, says he got really bored designing new workout schedules week after week.

“I also found that I had hit a sort of a plateau – I was neither going up nor down; neither forward nor backward. That was when I thought that maybe I should consult some other expert,” he says.

Rocky, who initially downloaded the HealthifyMe app to keep a track of his calories, soon realised that he could harvest a world of expert advice here.

‘I wanted to stretch my limits and enhance my physique’

“My focus was to stretch my limits and enhance my physique. I wanted to gain a sharper body, one where the muscle tone was more evident,” he says.

His trainer at HealthifyMe decided that the best path to this journey was by creating a workout that was specific to his body type and requirements.

“I worked out for about 45 minutes a day and followed the schedule provided by my trainer Varun,” Rocky recalls.

Since Rocky usually finds it tough to find time during his working day, he decided to schedule his daily exercise at around 9 pm after his work day ended.

“This ensured that I could exercise every day religiously. My trainer was very helpful and he mapped out my exercise regimen depending on my fitness level,” he says.

Cardio – a variety of it – and strength training were the mainstay of his workout regime.

“As far as the diet is concerned, it was kind of fluid and changed depending on the goal we were targeting,” he says.

“Even today, I try to keep my calorie intake to less than 2,500 per day and ensure that I take in about 170 gm of protein,” he adds.

For the first three months, Rocky and his trainer concentrated on getting him “ripped”, after which his trainer created a diet and workout routine that changed every 3 weeks, to help him gain 7 kg muscle.

Sticking to diet and workout to maintain muscle

helped Rocky pack on muscle and gain 7 kg“Now we are planning to maintain the muscle that I gained; this will continue for a period of about three weeks after which we will work on a new plan to build more muscle and maintain that,” he says.

“I ensure that I maintain my diet and workout routine even if I am busy,” he adds.

Rocky is extremely happy with his HealthifyMe journey so far and he credits the trainers for their in-depth knowledge and friendly nature of trainers.

“Even though we have been working out for almost the same number of years, Varun had some really good advice to share with an advanced trainee like me. Also, I found that the cost of hiring a personal trainer here is not much as compared to that at a gym,” he says.

 Would he recommend HealthifyMe to others? Pat comes to the answer: “Definitely!”

Disclaimer: Rocky packed on 7 kg muscle under the guidance of HealthifyMe Experts! The results could vary for you. Let us determine the best method for you to achieve your goal. Sign up for the best diet & training choices for your fitness or weight-loss plan.

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