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HealthifyMe helped me lose 6 kg in 2 months


April 7, 2021

Name: Aditya ZutshiAditya before

Age: 30 years

Lost: 6 kg in two months

Goa-based corporate executive Aditya Zutshi began putting on weight in the last four years. “I was not getting exercise, eating unhealthy food and there was work pressure which caused me to gain weight,” he says.

In January 2015, Aditya decided that it was time to do something and foraged the internet for help. He tried several apps like MyPlate Calorie Tracker and but gave them up because they lacked a good Indian food database. He discovered HealthifyMe and started on his weight loss journey.

Aditya began a week-long trial with the services of a nutritionist. “Within 2-3 days I knew that this was the thing for me,” he says. A fortnight later, he opted for two experts—a nutritionist and a fitness instructor. “Now my entire lifestyle has changed,” says Aditya. “Now I know what to eat, when and how.”

Intelligent Eating

Aditya had poor eating habits before joining HealthifyMe. “I would skip breakfast, sometimes even lunch. I would try and make it up with a gala dinner,” he says.

Nutritionist Zuha Ali educated him about the significance of every meal and the need to eat intelligently. A typical day starts with Aditya rising at 6.30 am. He eats breakfast at 7 am, usually an egg-white omelette cooked in a dash of olive oil with a slice of oat or multigrain bread. He reaches office by 8.15 am. The next meal is at 11 am and comprises tea and fruits. Lunch at 1.30 pm includes two chapattis, green salad, a small portion of vegetables, dal and curd.

He generally returns home by 6.30 pm and eats a small meal of fruits or one chapatti and vegetables. This is followed by an hour at the gym. “We have stopped using oil almost totally at home,” he says. Clearly, he has taken the weight loss tips to heart. “Our cooking is done using a tomato and onion base. And whatever little oil we use, we have switched to olive oil.”

‘I don’t miss my workout’ 

Apart from Zuha, Aditya is being assisted by transformation coach Amitha Murthy. “The challenge for Aditya was that his job didn’t give him enough time to exercise. And while he was self-motivated, he did not know what to do and how much to do in order to reach his weight goal,” says Amitha.

She helped him schedule his workout so that it fit into his daily routine. His weight loss exercises include a combination of cardio, strength training, body weight training and other workouts to increase his metabolic rate.

Aditya is extremely regular with his workouts now. “Even if I reach home at 9.30 pm, I still put in an hour of exercise,” he says.

Aditya AfterThe ‘app’vantage

“Your success or failure really has to do with your coach than anything else,” says Aditya. “But a virtual weight loss programme such as this has several advantages. Firstly, HealthifyMe has a good Indian food database. Then there’s always someone to keep track of what you are doing and prodding you when they find you slackening. You get the right advice from the right people. The WhatsApp group also acts as a motivator, making something that is drab more exciting.”

“The weight loss has had three advantages — I feel more active, less stressed out and my photos come out better,” he says.

Disclaimer: Aditya lost weight & transformed himself with HealthifyMe. The results may vary for you. Allow us to determine the best approach to help you achieve your fitness goal.

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