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Dipinty Ghoshal’s life-changing transformation


April 30, 2021

Age: 23 years

Weight Before: 66 kg

Weight Now: 56 kg

Lost 10 kg in 6 months

Before transformation Dipinty Ghoshal’s weight had been a constant source of anxiety for her right from her college days. “I began skipping meals, instead of seeking professional help. There were days when I wouldn’t eat both, breakfast and dinner,” says Dipinty, who weighed around 75 kg at the time. Literally starving herself, she wound up with severe digestive problems that left her looking malnourished, she recalls.

After completing her graduation, Dipinty moved to Mysore, to undergo training at Infosys. The slow pace of life combined with the pizza outlet next to her office made her pack on the kilos, she previously lost due to starvation. “When I hit 66 kg, I panicked,” she claims.

‘During my free consultation with HealthifyMe coach Priya, I was assured that I could lose weight without starving myself’  

After perusing various health apps, Dipinty decided to download HealthifyMe. “Instinctively, I zeroed in on it, and given my prior experience with weight loss, I’m truly glad I did,” she says.

Her first conversation with a HealthifyMe expert, as part of the free trial session, was with fitness coach Priya. Describing her experience, she says “Priya could sense that I was extremely worried about my health. I approached weight loss inaptly and wanted to do it right this time around. Priya constantly reassured me by telling me that I could lose weight in a healthy way,” says Dipinty, who was then certain about subscribing to HealthifyMe’s premium services.

The first thing Dipinty needed to change was her eating habits, and that’s where HealthifyMe’s Nutritionist Sapna stepped in. She instructed Dipinty to not deprive herself of any kind of food, rather eat controlled and frequent portions. She was asked to avoid oily food and sweets, and add more salad and fruits to her diet. Instead of sweetened tea, Dipinty switched to green tea or tea with skimmed milk. “I rediscovered the joys of fiber and healthy ingredients,” Dipinty says, adding, “When the results started showing and people complimented me on my glowing skin, I knew I was on the right track.”

Sapna says her biggest challenge was to ensure Dipinty ate at regular hours and improved her water intake. “Making sure she ate lighter dinners was a major concern, and that’s what I worked on,” says Sapna. “Dipinty has become extremely health conscious now! She’s begun baking ‘healthy’ cakes using banana and honey. That proves how dedicated she is to her diet. However, I’ve allowed one cheat meal every month!” adds Sapna. “That’s when I treat myself to pizzas,’ laughs Dipinty, who refers to Sapna as her friend, philosopher and guide. “I am in touch with her through the day and even when I go out with friends, she helps me choose the healthiest option on the menu,” says Dipinty.  

Sapna says Dipinty’s greatest strength has been her sincerity. “She would diligently log in and update each and every morsel she ate,” says Sapna, referring to the HealthifyMe calorie tracker app that helps clients keep tabs on the daily calories consumAfter transformationed and burned.

Complementing the diet was a customized workout routine designed by Priya. She encouraged Dipinty to reactivate a dormant gym membership and sent her a detailed exercise regime to follow. Priya shared step-by-step tutorial videos with Dipinty to ensure she performed the exercises correctly. Dipinty believes her daily workout has accelerated her weight loss. “Interval training has helped me tremendously and kept my interest going too. I do cardio for a few days and then switch to strength training that entails lifting weights and doing push-ups,” says Dipinty.

‘The thrill of being able to shop and wear whatever I want is immeasurable’

When Priya had first spoken to Dipinty, she mentioned that she missed being able to wear the latest fashion trends. Having lost 10 kg, she can now fulfill this desire. “The thrill of being able to shop and wear whatever I want is immeasurable. What’s more, the fact that instead of the M or L sizes, I now have to look at S or XS, feels great. Even the waist size of the jeans I buy has come down to 28 from 32,” says Dipinty, who now weighs 56 kg.

Meeting people after her amazing transformation, Dipinty says the compliments never stop. “What’s more, no one thinks I look unhealthy because I’m losing weight in a well-planned way,” she explains, adding that on seeing her success, many of her friends have been motivated to download HealthifyMe and discover the joys of a healthy weight-loss.

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