As reported earlier, the ideal PFC (Protein:Fat:Carbohydrate) consumption is 20:30:50 for a healthy Indian adult. With HealthifyMe data, we delved into states with the highest consumption of carbohydrates.

Our data shows us that Tamil Nadu stands at 7th place when it comes to consumption of carbs.

Energy Contribution of Carbohydrate - States

However, when we compare the top eight cities in the country we can see that Chennai is leading the pack. This is because the primary source of food in the city is rice. Besides, the staple meals comprising of idlis, dosas, sambar-rice, and curd rice, add to the high consumption of carbohydrates in the city.

Energy Contribution of Carbohydrate - Cities

HealthifyMe Data tells us that Chennai, amongst the top 8 cities in India, is on the lower side when it comes to consumption of fruits and vegetables.
Carbohydrate - Fruit consumption in food

Carbohydrate - Vegetable Consumption in Food

This mix of high consumption of carbohydrates and low consumption of fruits and vegetables in Chennai puts its residents at a risk of diabetes and obesity.

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