The endless nursing-diapering-rocking sessions of babyhood and the countless tantrums of the toddler years leave little scope for new mommies to hit the gym. But there’s no excuse for lugging pregnancy weight around on your child’s third birthday. Experts say you should stop considering your kid a hindrance to your workout routine and rather make him or her a part of it. You will be surprised with the quick results. Consider this: simply carrying an infant around can help you burn 211 calories per hour. Here are some fun ways to shed weight without leaving your baby


Pushing your baby in her stroller can help burn 160 calories per hour. Start with a 30-minute power walk and go uphill or do some lunges while holding the stroller handle for a full cardio workout. The best part is that the pram-a-thon is plateau-proof. The stroller becomes increasingly hard to push as the baby grows, making you sweat even more.

Yoga for two

Many moms in the US and UK are swapping their dumbbells for babies during pilates classes and others are doing asanas while holding their wards. Try this: put your baby on a comfortable mat and lie down next to her. Then bring your knees towards your chest and place your baby securely on your shins, tummy down. While holding your baby, move your legs up and down and side to side. Or, lift your head and shoulders towards your baby and feel the abdominal muscles tighten.

Ringa ringa roses

Engaging in moderate play with a child can help burn up to 300 calories, according to Harvard Medical School research. So, be more enthusiastic when your child suggests yet another round of ‘Ringa Ringa Roses’. When she is busy swinging at the park, you can climb up the jungle gym, find a bar to hang and try some pull ups, too.

The toddler diet

Matching your toddler bite-for bite can make you as sleek as most two-year-olds. Jennifer Anniston was reportedly eating 14 tiny portions of baby food through the day followed by an adult dinner to lose weight. Try pureed carrots, stewed apples and lentil soup. To get even better results, you can eat half the bowl, then smear a portion on your face and dump the rest on the floor like typical toddlers.

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Written by Roshini Gilbert

Roshini Gilbert

After a diligent workout plan helped her lose 30kg of post-pregnancy weight, chartered accountant Roshini Gilbert was inspired enough to go from tallying numbers to training others. A freelance personal trainer today, Roshini has been certified by the American Council on Exercises (ACE) for functional fitness and specialises in post-natal weight loss, exercises for low back pain, arthritis and osteoporosis. She also has REHAB Trainer certification from Australia for rehabilitative exercises and has trained with reputed sports physiotherapist Ulrik Larsen in corrective exercises and injury management. In HealthifyMe, Roshini has found a collaborator with a common cause – making people fit to live life to the fullest. Her assessment of how fit you are is based on three broad guidelines — stamina, body age (a person who looks way older than his age can’t be deemed healthy) and lifestyle (beware, those with bad eating habits and sedentary behaviour). Prepare yourself mentally first and then your body will follow, she says, of the opinion that if you want to change something about yourself then you need to challenge yourself to do it. Are you up for it?

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