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Akanksha Triumphs over the Aftermath of her Thyroid Treatment


December 28, 2021

Suffering from a medical condition has an impact on one’s physical and mental well-being. Akanksha Chauhan, a homemaker from a small town in Bijnaur, Uttar Pradesh, tells us about the aftermath of her thyroid treatment and the effect it had on her physical and mental health.

When a person is confronted by a medical condition, they will do anything to help correct it. Akanksha Chauhan who was part of the same league was prescribed a set of medicines as part of her thyroid treatment, that essentially aimed at helping her drop excess kilos. Rightly so, when combined with regular walks, the medication helped her shed a few kilos. However, stopping the medication led to almost immediate weight gain.  

As a result of the medication and low levels of exercise, she was left feeling very tired exhausted and lethargic. This had a negative impact on her physically, while it also affected her mental well being. Akanksha had lost the will to do anything, “I would just remain in bed all day, resting. This affected my mental health as well. My activity levels had dropped to zero and I lost the will to do anything in life. When her thyroid treatment stopped, she not only experienced immense weight gain but also saw her blood sugar drop to dangerously low levels.

I decided to take control of my health but didn’t see any results

On seeing that her health was deteriorating by the day, Akanksha decided to take things into her own hands. She was under the impression that amount of food eaten is inversely proportional to weight loss, due to which she started to skip meals. “Stopping my thyroid treatment made me very weak and lethargic! That’s when I decided to take control of my health. Anything and everything I tried failed to show me positive results. My weight remained unchanged, while my energy levels kept dipping” says Akanksha, who was desperately looking for solutions that would help improve her health. Her erratic schedule and untimely meals were only adding to her lingering health issues.

The next part of Akanksha’s journey to a healthy life is one that is worth appreciating and is the ideal example of sheer will power. She did not give up, despite the hardships she faced. Akanksha’s last attempt led her to HealthifyMe, and there was no looking back!

I experienced rapid weight loss in just 3 months.

Akanksha, being the strong-headed woman that she is, stuck to the routines laid out by her coaches. “Just after three months of following the diet and workout routines given to me by my coaches at HealthifyMe, I experienced rapid weight loss. This in itself motivated me to keep going till I reached my target.”

Chaitanya Varma, Akanksha’s yoga coach slowly eased her into the habit of practising yoga. These yoga routines were highly beneficial to her because she noticed that she was gradually able to lose weight post her thyroid treatment and her blood sugar level was stabilizing.

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“This change that I experienced, was very impactful because I had almost given up hope after stopping my thyroid treatment.” Akanksha tells us that she has her coaches to thank, for all the efforts they put and gives equal credit to Alpa, Meenakshi and Chaitanya, her three musketeers, as she calls them. Akanksha can’t stop praising them! “I am so glad to have met such understanding coaches, who helped me get through those tough days. They would always point me in the right direction, telling me what I should be doing and what I shouldn’t.”

I am surprised and happy to see the transformation in me

The new diet and workout plan not only made Akanksha physically active and energetic, but also helped in regaining her self-confidence. “I am surprised and happy to see the transformation in me. It gives me immense pleasure when I hear my family and friends appreciate me for being so energetic and enthusiastic” mentions Akanksha. She is also happy about the fact that her family is also realising the importance of eating balanced meals, courtesy of the diet plan given to her by diet coach Alpa Momaya.

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Another improvement that Akanksha noticed in herself was that she automatically steered away from the aloo tikkis, golgappas and other dishes that were not healthy. This was a noteworthy change for someone who would get drawn to chaats and junk food, like a moth drawn to a flame. Akanksha marched towards her goal with the belief that anything can be achieved through dedication coupled with expert guidance from coaches. Fitness coach Meenakshi Subramanian did just that, by pointing her in the right direction when it came to working out and losing weight.

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The workout routines that Meenakshi prescribed to Akanksha helped overcome the fatigue and lethargy that she used to experience. Now she is the first one who jumps with enthusiasm at the mention of family outings and trips. Akanksha is proud of who she is today and how much she has achieved. For this she thanks her coaches and knows that she will achieve her final goal with their continued support and engagement.

Disclaimer: Akanksha overcame the aftermath of her thyroid treatment and lost 15 kg in 9 months with the help of a customized health and fitness plan. Results may vary for you, let us help you get the right plan.

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