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A Story of Passion – Charchika’s Transformation Story with HealthifyMe

Misbah Fathima

December 28, 2021

Most of us spend our lifetime searching for passion and only a few succeed. Charchika Goyal found her passion in the process of getting healthy. 

Like most of our schedules, Charchika’s work schedule didn’t allow her to plan and follow a routine to lose weight and stay healthy. While looking for ways to achieve her goal to lose weight, her friend introduced her to HealthifyMe. 

After following through with the Smart Plan provided by HealthifyMe, she achieved her goal of losing 11kgs in only 5 months!

Before HealthifyMe

Before HealthifyMe

Healthy weight loss can be a time commitment, especially if you’re overweight – thanks to the job that keeps you sedentary for most of the day or a schedule that leads to unhealthy snacking.

Charchika started to gain weight around the same time she started her new job. “My schedule had become extremely busy,” recalls Charchika. With the hectic schedule, it was almost impossible for her to make time for physical activity or to focus on her diet. “It was very difficult for me to take time out to focus on my diet or join a gym,” she says.

This is a problem that most working professionals can relate to. To find time in the midst of a busy day is something most of us fail to do. After a long day at work, we lack the motivation to get our bodies moving. Also Cooking healthy food and exercising seem like impossible tasks. 

But Charchika wanted to break free and leave her sedentary life behind. “One final day, I had had it enough! I made up my mind and decided to lose the extra weight!” she says, her eyes shining with determination. 

It was around the same time that Charchika was introduced to HealthifyMe!

After HealthifyMe

After HealthifyMe

“It was a friend of mine who introduced me to the HealthifyMe app,” says Charchika. Because she wanted to keep the momentum going, she immediately downloaded the app. “After downloading the app, I signed up for a Smart Plan. It provided me with a diet plan that was based on my food preferences,” states Charchika. 

Charchicka vowed to follow the diet plan religiously until she reached her goal. Along the way, she also found her passion! “It was through HealthifyMe that I understood a great deal about nutrition,” she says. Not only did Charchika stick to her diet plan but also pursued a Diploma in Nutrition! “While I was on my fitness journey, I also started studying for my Diploma in Nutrition!” recalls an excited Charchika.

Charchika’s favorite feature on the app is the calorie tracker. She says, “Throughout my fitness journey, I would regularly log my calorie intake on the app.” She believes this was one of the reasons she was able to achieve her goal. She adds, “This feature is amazing! It gave me an idea about my daily calorie intake that helped me from overeating”

With the help of HealthifyMe’s Smart Plan Charchika was able to include the right amount of protein, carbohydrates, and fat in her meals. She also researched health & nutrition. “I read so many articles and books about nutrition. And I also completed my diploma in Nutrition!” says a beaming Charchika.

It was a delight for Charchika to find her passion while she was on her fitness journey. “I am a certified Nutritionist now. Fitness and nutrition have become my passion and I wish to help others with their fitness journey!” she beams with pride. 

One of the greatest learning for Charchika was the importance of being on a calorie deficit to lose weight. “when I was on my weight loss program, I learned that calorie deficit was a must,” she states. Charchika encourages others who are starting on a weight loss journey to set realistic goals. She says, “It’s important to set a realistic goal for yourself, this way you won’t feel like giving up”.

HealthifyMe helped Charchika lose weight and achieve her goals during the lockdown. “HealthifyMe was the best thing that happened to me during the lockdown, it helped me with my transformation during the unexpectedly difficult times,” she admits.

After her transformation, Charchika received some interesting reactions from her family and friends. “All my friends and relatives were shocked when they saw my amazing transformation!” she recalls, laughing.


“If you seriously want to lose weight, prepare your MIND first, if your mind is in your control, then your tastebuds will not annoy you through the journey,” says a very passionate Charchika Goyal. She suggests everyone should healthily change their lifestyle and points out that weight loss is a byproduct of a healthy lifestyle.

Are you inspired by Charchika’s transformation? Our experts can help kick-start your weight loss journey.

Disclaimer: The results may vary for you. Let us help determine the best approach for you to achieve your goal.

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