3 Yoga moves that can help you lose weight on the face

Chaitanya Varma

March 31, 2020

Beauty, they say, is self-confidence applied directly to the face. Stay beautiful by trying facial yoga to rejuvenate your face, relax muscles and nerve connections and brighten it.

The benefits of yoga go far beyond flexibility. Apart from the life-changing benefits, the practice can help banish fine lines, sagging and wrinkles. Experts believe that yogic facial exercises work the hypodermis (lower layer of the skin), the dermis (middle layer) and the epidermis (upper layer). Working all these layers amps up blood circulation, allowing more oxygen and more nourishment to reach the cells of the skin. Some asanas can also stimulate collagen and elastin production in the middle layer, leading to supple and tighter skin.

Just like there are specific asanas to target your belly and thighs, some yoga moves can also help you sculpt your face. But do keep in mind that losing weight can’t happen exclusively in any one part of the body. Your face shape and size is largely a result of your genes. Yoga can help you tone your facial muscles and alter the appearance of your face by working on your muscular structure, instead of just the external body.

Try these yoga asanas now to get a slimmer face:

Surya Namaskar:

Kareena Kapoor swears by them. The up-and-down movement of the neck ensures that the neck and face muscles are stretched out.  Do at least 25 to 50 a day.

surya namaskar

Adhomukha savasana:

This inversion ensures that blood rushes to your face.  Increased circulation ensures that wrinkles are reduced and your face glows. Do 3 times for 2 minutes each.

Adhomukha svanasana

Neck rotations:

  • Do these clockwise, anti-clockwise, up and down. They help stretch the facial skin and the neck, and can even stretch a double chin away. Do 10 of each.

Neck rotations

Give your face a workout each and every day. It will pay in the long run!

About the Author

Chaitanya Varma followed up his B.E (Telecommunications) degree with a Yoga Trainer certification from S-VYASA University. A strong believer in the discipline, Chaitanya spent 6 years of his career training individuals in Yoga. In HealthifyMe, he found a group of individuals that matched his passion and vision for this ancient set of physical, mental and spiritual practices, and their use for the betterment of one's health. Chaitanya currently serves as a Head of Team (Yoga Services) at HealthifyMe. In his spare time, Chaitanya chooses to further his knowledge of Therapeutic Yoga, and Yoga practices.

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