The festive season is a time to get together and spend time with family and friends, but it can also be a season of temptation. Tempting treats, special cocktails, lavish buffets and rounds of parties may sound the death knell for healthy habits. The festivity continues till the New Year rolls in, by which time you’ve piled on a few kilos and feel terrible.

Follow these 15 health commandments to ensure that the festive season doesn’t turn into a fitness disaster:

  1. I will not let last night’s huge meal stop me from having a healthy breakfast the next day.
  2. I will graze on small meals through the day to keep binges away.
  3. I will exercise every day to keep mood swings away and to get my metabolism going.
  4. I will shun tracks and opt for form-fitting clothes as they make it tougher to overeat.
  5. I will work out trade-offs for alcohol: A 15-minute physical activity session for every drink.
  6. I will stay hydrated through the day and opt for water over soft drinks.
  7. I will drink a glassful of water 20 minutes before each meal to keep me hydrated and reduce cravings and calories.
  8. I will window shop at the dinner buffet before I buy. And I will splurge only on things I REALLY want.
  9. I will always pick up the small plate so that I can control portion sizes.
  10. I will play the “don’t let your foods touch” game to ensure that I don’t end up eating too much.
  11. I will savour every morsel, opting for mindful eating over mindless eating.
  12. I will eat all the desserts I want but just a bite-sized morsel of each.
  13. I will get ample sleep so that I am not stressed and frazzled by the end of each day.
  14. I will take time out in these busy days to count my blessings.
  15. I will go easy on myself if I slip up at times. Tomorrow’s another day!

Diwali Commandments

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