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  • Weight Loss Diet: How to Build Fiber in Your Food

    Weight Loss Diet: How to Build Fiber in Your Food

    In weightloss fiber is an unsung diet hero. Despite offering crucial health benefits – reducing bad cholesterol, managing weight, improving bowel health and regulating blood sugar According to the USFDA guidelines, a 2,000-calorie diet will need around 15 g of dietary fiber a day.  However, consuming fiber does not mean stuffing yourself with fruit and […]

  • Can salad replace Indian Food?

    Can salad replace Indian Food?

    There was a time when a bowl of salad used to be part of Indian food, to be enjoyed on the side along with dessert and condiments. Now, people substitute their lunch or dinner with salad in order to cut down on calories. But are weight-fighting powers of salad exaggerated? There’s no clear answer to […]

  • Weight gain reasons: Are you an emotional eater?

    What does your emotions have to do with weight gain? The next time you reach for a bag of chips, minutes before an important meeting, pause and ask yourself, ‘Am I really hungry?’ If your tummy is still full with the pulao you ate for lunch, chances are the stress is making you want to munch. Eating for […]

  • Exercises to lose that belly fat

    Having trouble buttoning up your favourite pair of jeans? It’s time to focus on working off that belly fat. Abdominal weight, known as visceral fat, isn’t just a sign of being out of shape. It can be dangerous – as it forms between your organs, within your abdominal cavity, it secretes proteins that can trigger chronic inflammation, putting you […]

  • 5 ways to tone your butt

    5 ways to tone your butt

    Want to get your rear in gear? All you need to do is work on the muscles – glutes, quads and hamstrings – that are there. With butt-fat burning exercises, and a few dietary changes, you can achieve a toned buttock. 5 Exercises to tone your butt 1. Gluteus kickbacks Get down on your hands […]