Anshu Vyas

Yoga Coach

About Anshu Vyas

According to Anshu, Yoga is the most reliable source for overall fitness and well being; it’s the best bet for all your needs, from strength, stamina, and cardio, to flexibility. It’s the perfect formula for body balance and a prolonged life. Healthy living to her is being functional at all times; to be able to climb a set of stairs effortlessly, lift some weight, and still have the cheerful disposition and zest at the end of a day's work. Yoga is perfect for 'me-time', says Anshu, as it brings the feel of release and peace of mind regardless of the day's schedule. Yoga's been a constant in Anshu's life and she aims to help her clients to get regular with it.

Her Qualifications

  • Teacher's certification in Yoga
  • Trainer Certification in Step Aerobics and Strength Training
  • International Yoga Alliance Certified

Her Specialization

  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Functional Training