Shwetha Vijan

Diet Coach

About Shwetha Vijan

According to Shwetha, a healthy life is similar to a car; the balance and equilibrium provided by the wheels can be provided by exercise and lifestyle modification, and the driving force that fuels one’s health, is a nutritious diet. Her guiding principle is, “You are what you eat!”, and aims at inculcating this in the lives of her clients by stressing on the importance of eating nutritious balanced meals, and making healthy choices on a regular basis in order to achieve optimum health. Aside from designing their respective diet plans, Shwetha is here to teach her clients simple daily habits that will get their health on track.

Her Qualifications

  • M.Sc in Food Science & Nutrition
  • B.Sc in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics

Her Specialization

  • Weight Management
  • Diet for Diabetes