Priyanka Nag

Diet Coach

About Priyanka Nag

Priyanka's top tip for any diet seeker is to avoid processed and preserved foods. Eating fresh and healthy, be it your veggies or your fruits, will help your body make best use of the nutrients that your food provides you. Aside uncontrollable factors that affect one's health such as genetic makeup, Priyanka believes that it is the more controllable factors that needs most attention. These revolve around daily habits such as a morning workout, a flexible diet plan to address one's nutritional needs and the discipline that helps one bring continuity in their routine. With step by step guidance through their eating patterns and choices, Priyanka also promises to help her clients stay motivated towards their fitness goals.

Her Qualifications

  • M.Sc in Dietetics and Food Service Management

Her Specialization

  • Weight Loss through Diet
  • Diet Planning for Diabetes
  • Post Pregnancy Diet Planning
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Naturopathy Diet