Dr. R. Kalpana

Diet Coach

About Dr. R. Kalpana

Nutritionists have a role to play that goes beyond mere meal-planning, says R Kalpana, who believes she can motivate others to stay on the path towards a healthier life. Having worked across various hospitals as well as nutrition clinics, Kalpana has also published national and international health journals. At home, Kalpana tracks her family’s food choices – she ensures that they follow a healthy lifestyle – and she believes she can help HealthifyMe users to do the same. People who really want to change the way they eat will see success, she claims, of the opinion that nutrition, lifestyle and behavioural changes can be transformative only in tandem. Eat good food, to your heart’s content, but ensure you also exercise are fundas she urges you to follow.

Her Qualifications

  • M.Sc in Foods and Nutrition
  • PhD in Nutrition, SPMVV University
  • Registered Dietician

Her Specialization

  • Weight Loss through Diet
  • Diet Planning for Diabetes
  • Post Pregnancy Diet Planning
  • Sports Nutrition