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  • 10 Coaches Tell Us About Their Inspiring Journey to Fitness

    10 Coaches Tell Us About Their Inspiring Journey to Fitness

    Looking for a reason to stay motivated and inspired on your fitness journey? Here are 10 HealthifyMe fitness trainers talking about their journey to fitness and what inspired them to make it in the fitness industry and motivate others to adopt the healthy lifestyle. Fitness Coach – Sahil Gupta Growing up, I was a very […]

  • 9 types of people who failed their 2016 Fitness Resolution

    Come January, you climbed up the fitness wagon, sure that this was the year you would make a difference to your health, fitness and weight. Six months on, do you recognise yourself as any one of these people? 1.The Grandstander: You began the year with such incredible plans – “I will get up at 5 am every […]

  • Five reasons to hire a virtual trainer

    Five reasons to hire a virtual trainer

    You may already know your way around the exercise equipment or have your own home fitness routine, but if you’re keen to get your abs in shape or work off those last five kilos, a virtual trainer can provide you with customized advice. Working with an expert online has some unique advantages – here are […]

  • Running after an injury

    Running after an injury

    Injuries are the biggest hurdles a long distance runner faces. Trouble with the knee cap, Achilles heel, foot arch and shin splints, as well as tight or weak hamstrings are some of the most common running injuries marathoners grapple with. A dull, aching pain inside and around the knee cap, heel or lateral thigh, swelling […]