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  • Can salad replace Indian Food?

    Can salad replace Indian Food?

    There was a time when a bowl of salad used to be part of Indian food, to be enjoyed on the side along with dessert and condiments. Now, people substitute their lunch or dinner with salad in order to cut down on calories. But are weight-fighting powers of salad exaggerated? There’s no clear answer to […]

  • Exercises to lose that belly fat

    Having trouble buttoning up your favourite pair of jeans? It’s time to focus on working off that belly fat. Abdominal weight, known as visceral fat, isn’t just a sign of being out of shape. It can be dangerous – as it forms between your organs, within your abdominal cavity, it secretes proteins that can trigger chronic inflammation, putting you […]

  • 5 ways to tone your butt

    5 ways to tone your butt

    Want to get your rear in gear? All you need to do is work on the muscles – glutes, quads and hamstrings – that are there. With butt-fat burning exercises, and a few dietary changes, you can achieve a toned buttock. 5 Exercises to tone your butt 1. Gluteus kickbacks Get down on your hands […]

  • Stay healthy on a holiday

    Stay healthy on a holiday

    Santa looks cute with a belly, not all of us. When you head out of town for a much-deserved winter break, remember that you are going to unwind, not to wind up with a large waistline. Research shows that adults put on as much as 500 per cent more weight during holidays compared to when […]

  • Coconut water is a craze, but is it good for you?

    Coconut water is a craze, but is it good for you?

    Piercing the tender top of a young, green coconut with a straw and slurping its sweet, mildly nutty juice is guaranteed to rejuvenate you on a hot afternoon. What adds to the kick is the conviction that you have made a ‘healthy’ choice. After all, everyone from Madonna to tennis ace John Isner has been […]