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  • How HealthifyMe helped a Former National-level Power Lifter Transform

    Let’s read about National-level Power Lifter Rajat Sharma’s transformation from 96 kg to 85 kg in 12 months a 11 kg weight loss.  A national-level powerlifter back in his college days, Rajat Sharma has always been diligent about his fitness routine. However, the entry into the corporate world made his workouts take a back seat […]

  • 5 important weight loss lessons to learn from The Biggest Loser study

    The Biggest Loser study, which weight-watcher doesn’t know of The Biggest Loser, the reality show that pushes contestants into being the biggest loser when it comes to weight? A recent study of former contestants of the reality show has thrown some interesting insights into weight loss and the phenomenon of trying to stay in shape […]