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  • HealthifyMe helped her drop 8.5 kg in 3.5 months

    Name Nidhi Dinesh Mishra Age 34 Weight then 73 kg Weight now 64.5 kg Lost 8.5 kg in 3.5 months Delhi-based Nidhi Dinesh Mishra, an executive assistant at Lava International, always planned on starting her weight loss journey tomorrow. “After my wedding in 2005 and the birth of my baby girl in 2010, I have […]

  • HealthifyMe helped Amit Singhal lose 10 kg in 3 months

    Name Amit Singhal Age 34 Then 88 Now 77 Lost 10 kg in 3 months For Amit Singhal and his wife Urmi, both working professionals, the option of eating out several times a week worked fine. But eventually it became a way of life and they were soon struggling with weight issues. Amit says despite […]