Amitha Murthy

Fitness Coach

"She has been able to guide me to lose weight and build endurance required for boxing. I thank her for immense support and guidance"

Reduced 8 kgs in 1.5 months

"Amitha combined cardio, strength training and body weight training, a regime that got me going. I workout regularly now, thanks to her"

Reduced 8 kgs in 2 months

About Amitha Murthy

A former athlete, Amitha Murthy started exploring new avenues to stay fit and healthy post her injury. With accreditations for pregnancy fitness, group fitness and body transformation, Amitha believes that fitness is as simple as breathing and she's happy to show you how..

Her Qualifications

  • Reebok certified for group classes
  • Certification from International Sports Science Association
  • Certification from American College of Sports Medicine

Her Specialization

  • Weight Loss through Exercises
  • Body Transformation Training
  • Exercises for low back pain, arthritis & osteoporosis
  • Controlling Lifestyle Disorders
  • Corrective & Rehabilitative Exercises
  • Endurance & Flexibility Training