10 Weight Loss Mistakes We All Make

4 January 2022

By Parul Dube

Are you struggling to perform your basic everyday tasks or just inherently feeling unhealthy?  Then it’s time to hop on a healthy weight loss routine and identify the mistakes that one might be making in the process.

Skipping Breakfast for a Glass of Juice

If you restrict your breakfast to a glass of juice, you may become hungry and overeat later. Skipping breakfast can also deprive one from the essential nutrients required in the morning.

Skipping Meals

Research shows that most people who eat fewer than three meals usually end up consuming more calories throughout the day.

Too Much Protein

Though protein is an essential nutrient, excessive consumption of protein can result in excess fat stores (lipid synthesis).

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Giving Up Everything You Love

Completely giving up on favourite foods can impact the body negatively.  A person may feel frustrated and also affect mood, thus disrupting the overall process.

Too Many Liquid Calories

Some dieters avoid certain solid food items to cut down on calories but see no harm in consuming unnecessary liquids such as alcohol, coffee, juice, tea, and sodas.  These liquid calories are equally bad for weight loss.

Rushing Through the Meal

Guavas are rich sources of Vitamin C and help in strengthening the immune system.  It also protects the body against common infections by killing bad bacteria and viruses

Adding Unhealthy Add-ons

A balanced diet consists of all healthy nutrients packed into meals, divided over the day.  However, going overboard with add-ons like salad dressings, syrups and sauces, increases the total calorie intake.

Going All Out On Cheat Days

Rewarding on cheat days is crucial for diets. But stay conscious and keep a check on going overboard and ending up consuming thousands of calories.

Not Taking a Rest Day

Experts say that training too much can defeat the purpose of the exercise. Always take a one or two-day break from exercising.

Mindless Eating

Binge eating is a major mistake that needs to be avoided by one who is looking to successfully complete their weight loss journey.


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