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  • Breastfeeding: D-MER & Postpartum Depression

    Breastfeeding: D-MER & Postpartum Depression

    Breastfeeding is most often referred to as a compassionate and affectionate experience. Its myriad benefits have emphatically been talked about an incalculable number of times. Right from providing the exact nutrition a baby needs to supporting its immune system and promoting cognitive development, breastmilk is an undefeated contender. For the mother’s part, breastfeeding facilitates faster […]

  • How a Bad Diet Worsens Postpartum Depression

    How a Bad Diet Worsens Postpartum Depression

    The life of a new mother is filled with challenges – recovering physically from labor and delivery, getting used to life with a newborn, dealing with new responsibilities, lack of sleep, and problems with breastfeeding. The baby blues also make an appearance but this short-lived state that affects about 70% of new moms passes in […]