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  • Why Should Omega-3 be a Part Of Your Daily Diet?

    Why Should Omega-3 be a Part Of Your Daily Diet?

    With age comes wisdom. But what also comes with age are ailments like poor eyesight, weak bones, joint pains, abnormal blood pressure and weak memory. Interestingly, all these symptoms result from a single nutrient deficiency. The problem is, our bodies do not produce it. Yes, the nutrient is the much-acclaimed omega-3 fatty acid. It has […]

  • Nutritious Foods To Banish Dark Circles

    Nutritious Foods To Banish Dark Circles

    When was the last time you looked into the mirror and didn’t see a pair of dark circles staring back at you? Periorbital circles, the clinical term for dark blemishes under the eyes, develop when blood pools beneath the eyes and causes fragile capillaries to stretch and leak. Because skin under the eyes is thin, […]

  • Diet for hypothyroidism

    Diet for hypothyroidism

    If you’ve been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, or an underactive thyroid, symptoms include fatigue, depression, constipation and weight gain. But along with medication, you can boost thyroid function with a well-balanced diet. Thyroid hormones also play a major role in producing energy from the food that we eat. The gland needs certain vitamins and minerals to […]