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  • Dance to Lose Weight

    Dance to Lose Weight

    Dance is said to be as old as time itself. It is art. It has thrived and advanced elaborately over the millennia. Usually used to express oneself, dance is now being popularized as a weight loss routine. If you want to lose weight and have fun, dancing is the answer. Usually, an average human should […]

  • 5 Zumba Instructional Workout Videos to get you started

    5 Zumba Instructional Workout Videos to get you started

    Do you love grooving to pulsating beats, over lifting weights at the gym? Then Zumba is apt for you! Tried out by 12 million people across 125 countries, this Latin-American fitness programme has taken over the world. A typical Zumba class ranges between 60-90 minutes, and comprises of alternating fast and slow rhythms that help […]

  • Too cold outside? Work out at home

    The sun is yet to rise when your alarm clock goes off. You feel like diving under the blanket rather than driving to the gym or heading to the park for a jog on this cold, dreary morning. Sleep in for a bit if you like but don’t let the weather affect your fitness. After […]