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A healthy body leads to healthy mind, says Rachana Verma and she speaks from experience. From a family where everyone practiced yoga, she was initiated at a young age. I have seen and experienced how yoga impacts one’s health and lifestyle, and that’s why I decided to pursue it as a career, she says. Keen to study yoga at a “broader and deeper level”, Rachana pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore. To stay fit, along with practicing asanas daily, she also does weight training. With clients, she examines structure (body weight in ratio to height), posture and walking style before deciding on a routine. To all, she recommends 30 minutes of any form of physical exercise daily, like running, swimming, yoga, or free hand exercise, and a raw diet once a week. In keeping with HealthifyMe’s philosophy, she believes fitness regimens must be tracked to ensure one is following the right routine and making progress. So to stay on course, let Rachana be your resource!


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