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Pooja Wadhwa

"Eat healthy to stay healthy” is nutritional counsellor Pooja Wadhwa’s motto, and she hopes to nurture the same belief in HealthifyMe users. A post-graduate in Dietetics and Food Service Management from IGNOU and member of the Delhi Dietetics Association, Pooja is a gold medallist diploma holder in Yoga and Naturopathy. Having worked with multi-speciality hospitals like Max and Fortis Healthcare, she has also conducted counselling sessions at health camps organized by Central Council for Research in Yoga & Naturopathy (CCRYN). Having first-hand experience of the benefits of adapting a healthier lifestyle – she cured her mother’s bone mineral deficiencies and her own seasonal ailments through dietary changes – she believes that determination, effort and flexibility can make any positive change possible. A healthier diet, and consequently healthier mind, helped Pooja focus on her aspirations and goals. She reckons HealthifyMe users who follow her advice will have the same experience.


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