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Improve your nutrition with HealthifySnap's advanced meal tracking & meet Ria, your personalized AI coach.

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Try Ria- Your Personal
AI Health Coach!

Try Ria- Your Personal
AI Health Coach!

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Track Your Food
With Just a Snap

Snap your meal for instant nutritional details and smart, AI-driven advice from Coach Ria.

Snap a photo of your meal.
Snap identities all the foods in your photo & tracks it for you instantly.
AI Ria gives you instant actionable insights to help you improve

Healthify In Many More Ways


Personalized Guidance On The Go

Harness the power of data-driven health: AI Ria anticipates your needs, offering insights and notifications to steer your daily choices towards a healthier future.


Personalized Diet & Workout Suggestions

No crash diets, only balanced nutrition, with foods you love to eat. Customised diet and workout plan as per your need anytime with AI Coach Ria.


Anytime, Anywhere Personalized Assistance

Unlock a wealth of health information and discover personalized insights tailored based on your health data with AI Coach Ria.

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